Getting Tasty With Taste of Nature

 I need to tell you about my new delicious obsession… Taste of Nature bars!  Lately I have became super obsessed with their Canadian Maple Forest bars so I just had to tell you about them!  

Did you know that 98% of Americans snack but 9 in 10 (85%) admit they find healthy snacking to be difficult? I totally fit into this category. Even as a gardener of many vegetables it’s really easy to grab a box of high calorie crackers or sweet pastries instead of going for something that is much better for your body.  Many people say that it’s hard to find a healthy snack that is actually good tasting and I can totally understand this too.  Have you tried to eat healthy, bought the said snack, went home, tasted them and just stared into space depressed because it just tastes awful.  That totally isn’t going to help you eat healthy!    I am so excited that I found a snack bar that is delicious (I’m serious, I’m talking NOM NOM NOM knock your socks off good) and healthy.

Recently I had a afternoon full of friends for a taste party that also involved me trying to beat my record of bouncing a ball up in air with the fun paddle ball sets!

Taste of Nature_1

Taste of Nature_3

Taste of Nature

Here are the 6 flavors that were tasted and loved.  Many of friends were raving about the Persian Pomegranate Garden bar and they were the first to be completely gone.  The Persian Pomegranate Garden bars  have pomegranates, figs and tasty walnuts in them. The entire ingredients list is cashews, walnuts, agave nectar, figs, cranberries, apples, pomegranate juice concentrate, brown rice syrup, whole grain brown rice crisps, raspberries, sunflower oil blend and agar.  They are only 160 calories as well which also received rave reviews.  In fact I think some friends even took one and threw them in their purse when they needed that next day afternoon snack! 42 percent of snackers say they are most likely to have a unhealthy snack between 2:00PM and 5:00PM so is a great substitution to grab instead!

Taste of Nature 1

Taste of Nature_2

Let me introduce you to my new love interest, Canadian Maple Forest bars from Taste of Nature.    These bars include pecans, apricots, Brazil nuts, agave nectar, brown rice syrup, raisins, whole grain brown rice crisps, maple syrup, sunflower oil blend, maple flavour, vanilla flavour, sea salt and agar.  Oh hello beautiful.   I am totally in love with these.
Taste of Nature

Taste of Nature_4

Some facts for you:
Taste of Nature comes in 6 super delicious flavors in the US: Brazilian Nut Festival, California Almond Valley, Quebec Cranberry Carnival, Canadian Maple Forest, Himalayan Goji Summit, Persian Pomegranate Garden
The bars are certified organic, gluten-free certified, non-gmo project verified packed with real nuts, fruits and grains. There’s nothing scary, artificial or chemical filled in these bars.
They are under 200 calories a bar. 
They are $1.99 a piece. 


 Taste of Nature_5


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