Staying Connected with Family and Clients When Traveling

The month of March is has been full of traveling. We started out in London, flew to NYC for a few days, and then flew to Doha, Qatar for 2 weeks.  Traveling is not always luxurious; I always prefer to work and shoot in NYC if at all possible.  One main reason is that I miss my family, friends and most importantly (sorry family) our cats.  We have a live webcam set up in our home that we can tune in and watch the cats throughout the day, but what I need is live interaction.


When we have a cat sitter, we use Skype together so they can show me each cat on camera and I can oooh and ahhh them. That gives me the ability to talk to them and they can hear my voice.  Seeing photos and videos of the cats while we’re gone is so special to us, so seeing them video with us is very important.


My father and I don’t live close enough that we see each other that often, only 1-2 times a year. My father is one of my best friends so I love being able to video chat on Skype with him. During the holidays it’s especially fun as sometimes my dad might surprise me with a costume when viewing. Also, I’m able to hold Xanadu up to the camera which makes me smile because he’s in love with her.

When traveling on business, Skype is the perfect tool to stay connected to clients. Even though I love email, seeing a client or artist’s face really helps to push the success rate of a project.  When talking 1 on 1, you can see reactions, watch a person physically describe a project and get a better sense of who they are.  We do at least 1 video chat a week with clients on new projects and ongoing ones.  Also, when using Skype for international calling, it’s A LOT cheaper than using a mobile phone (by A LOT I mean it can save you hundreds).  With video chatting it’s perfect to show a virtual walk-through of an exhibition of event that you’re part of. It really helps bring the installation to life.

Sometimes Matthew and I have to work at different studios because we’re concentrating on different elements for the day. Or sometimes Matthew is at the studio, and I’m at home working on the blog or traveling for it.  When we’re apart we always talk on Skype before we go to sleep, but it’s also great to login for a afternoon chat.  This keeps us up to date with work as well as to just say hi because we miss one another.   SkypeMatthew SkypePamela3    

Do you use Skype when away? How do you spend quality video time with your family or clients?  


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