Stay Cool

Stay cool my friends.  

Yesterday and today it feels brutal in NYC.  Yesterday after getting home and wiping my dripping wet face I looked at the weather and it said “Feels like 106 degrees”.  Then I looked at my shirt that now had belly sweat spots and sobbed lightly on my cement floor.    Oh my.  Actually right now as I write this post it’s 11:21PM and I just looked at the weather and it says “feels like 100”.  It’s 11:21PM.    I was just sent this website where you can check the weather on the L train platform, which is a popular subway train that runs from Brooklyn to Manhattan.   At the Union Square stop right now it’s 104F.   WHAT IS GOING ON.

All I wanted today was Sour Patch Kids popsicles, they were so hard to track down and PathMark Supermarket had them.  But I was 2 miles away from my house, there was no way they were going to make it.  Do you know when it’s  bad? You buy chocolate chips to bake with and by the time you get home they are melted chocolate.  Do you know when it’s bad? When I feel my wall near my windows at 11:24PM and it’s hot to the touch.  Do you know when it’s bad?  When my beloved corn basically wants to call it a day and is sick of this weather.   Extreme weather is not good for corn pollination, SIGH.  By the looks of this article corn is a wide spread problem.  

How’s the weather where you are?  Is it a warm one or a tolerable summer?  How are you with heat – do you love it or want to cry?

Here are some tips I bring you because I have no education in giving you summer tips, but I thought it could be fun.

1.  Plan ahead.  If you know it’s going to be really heated, buy popsicles days ahead of time.  Don’t be like me and pout because you don’t have a popsicle.  Has anyone tried the Sour Patch Kids popsicles by the way? Are they as amazing as I would hope?  I just got a great idea to make my own lemon ones, so maybe after I write this post I will make them instead of going to sleep.  

2.  Go bare.  If you’re inside and miserable, just take it off. You don’t have to take it all off, but as I’m writing this I’m in my underwear (TMI?).   If the Fedex man knocks on your door, smile kindly and quick grab your box and close the door.  Or have a shirt ready to throw on by the door.   Cotton, hemp and other natural fabrics are summer feel good fabrics.

3.  In all seriousness, drink a ton of water.   You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces so make sure you stay hydrated.  If you’re working out, your body needs even more.  Nothing makes me feel better than some ice cold lemon water,   it makes me feel better right away.

4.  Stay inside during peak hours.  If you need to water that garden,  or walk to the store, do it early or late in the day.  Spend those heated afternoon hours indoors out of the sun.  Your body needs rest so pretend it’s a spa during the day and relax.  Take this time to watch a movie, make some no-bake cake batter squares, read a book, leave blog comments, paint your nails, make a spreadsheet on whatever your heart desires.

5.  Keep your home cool during the day.  If you need to make that roast in the oven that takes hours, save it for a cooler day.    Keep your curtains down and try to protect the sun from entering in your entire house (especially your bedroom for when it’s sleepy time).  Pretend you’re a vampire.

6. Cooling your head cools your entire body, just like in the winter if you warm up your head with a hat, your body feels warmer.   Wetting your head with cold water during the day definitely cools you off (and makes me look like a cute wet dog).  Also a ice pack will make you feel better.

7.  If you have go outside, make it quick and always wear sunscreen!  Protect yourself, that sun is very dangerous.  

8. Use box fans and ceiling fans to work for you.  If you’re using a ceiling fan you want it to run counterclockwise when viewed from under it.  This causes air to be pushed down directly under the fan.  Little fans like this one I have on my desk work great to keep me cooled down when I’m at my computer and doesn’t take up much space. Bonus, it’s also incredibly quiet.  Even on the low setting my hair blows like I’m a movie star.

9.  Before going  to sleep get a cool shower or bath, this will lower your body temperature.  I do this and run directly from the bathroom into the air conditioned bedroom.  Wear minimal/nothing while you sleep.

10.   Lots of people recommend eating spicy food in the heat. You might think this is crazy, but if you think about it spicy food will cause you to sweat which will cool down your body. Eat light foods, cold salads, fruits and plenty of cold snacks (pickles anyone?).  Also I recommend a piece of cold fudge because when don’t I recommend a piece of cold fudge? 

11. Check on everyone in your house, make sure everyone else is feeling ok too.  Throwing ice cubes down other peoples shirts as you walk by is a fun way to kill the afternoon.  This is the only time no one will fight about it. 

Cats have it rough in the heat so please make sure to take care of your furry critter baby faces.  These are tips I have come across after my numerous searches of trying to keep our 4 meowzas happy in the summer.  Don’t take offense to it if your cat doesn’t care about any of it and ignores all your good gestures, that’s why you love your cat.  And you know deep down inside, your cat appreciates it, they just don’t want you to know that.

1.   Keep cool bowls of water around the house.  Add  ice cubes to it to stay cool.  This is extra fun because your cat might enjoy batting at the ice cube.

2.   Don’t keep the fans or air conditioning to yourself, share with them.  Make sure the cool areas are accessible to them.

3.  If your cat has long hair, you can consider getting it shaved in the summer time.  Brother Bear is a Maine Coon but our vet won’t even cut his nails out of fear (ok, he made her bleed once.. ok maybe twice… and maybe a vet assistant too).

4. Get a damp cloth and rub it over your cats body.

5.  Keep a wet cloth in the freezer and when it freezes, put it on the floor.  They might lay on it, or just lay near it to feel the cold air on their whiskers.

6.  Try to keep your cats calm during the day, just like you, you don’t want to run around during the afternoon hours so keep the game of chase the fly/mouse/your foot for later on.

7. Give your cat cool options to lay.  Cats love tile floor, your sink, or even a box that you make them in a cool part of the house.  Cats love boxes, they can’t resist them.

8.  Brush your cat daily! Summer causes matted fur and trust me, that’s not nice for the cat or you if you have to comb out those mats.   This will also allow air to flow better in their fur.

9.  Watch for heatstroke.  If your cat is panting, drooling, vomiting or just seems out of it, play it safe and get to the vet.  

10 .  Love your cat.  Talk to it about how much the weather sucks while you kiss their nose.  They will listen to you. You guys are in this together.


Be safe everyone!



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  • Yikes! I hope you’re doing ok in the heat Pamela. I don’t do well with heat, it gets me extremely tired and sluggish. Luckily, this week has been tolerable compare to the last couple of weeks. When it’s extremely hot, I have to leave the house, as I do not have AC in the house. I usually go to a store to stay cool . Anyway, have a great weekend, stay cool!

    • Thanks Anne, hope the weather stays tolerable where you are! I totally hear you on the sluggish feeling, I start to feel that way midday. Have a great weekend!

  • Ahh I love this post because I’m totally relating to everything you said. I’m in Rochester so we’re having the same weather. It’s awful! And I don’t normally complain about heat. But our a/c broke so that’s the kicker…. lol

    • Oh my Ashley, that’s no fun! I sure hope you AC fixed asap – how have you been staying cool? We tend to only use the AC at night while sleeping, while in the day we use fans but today I might have to blast the AC for an hour. It feels like 107 and it’s not even 1PM!

  • We have a heatwave here for the past week as well, definitely been eating lots of salads and fruit. Oh and yes, some spicy foods too πŸ™‚ Hope you try and stay cool Pamela and have a great weekend!

  • OMG your kitties are killing me. They are so cute! I always feel so bad for the pets in this heat. We have another hot day down here today too and this morning’s run was absolute torture. Thankfully we live RIGHT next to a fro-yo place and my only plan for the day is to go to there. I’m so sorry that you didn’t have the Popsicles yesterday πŸ™ Could you make any of your own? They totally won’t be the same, but could be fun! Let’s hope this heat breaks soon!

    • Hope you’re staying cool where are you, running sounds brutal – you’re a trooper Danielle! I have some plans for popsicles today… hope they work out! Enjoy your day!

  • Great tips! Hang in there- I can hardly imagine. Last night I bundled up under a blanket and closed a window, as it dropped into the low 60’s. Uh… I think I just figured out why everyone hates Los Angeles. Between the avocados and bragging about our weather…. I’m sorry. πŸ™ *not so subtle subject change* Your cats are adorable! I took photos of each of ours yesterday, with their wildly different personalities, and thought of your love for kitties.

    • Hahaha, you made me smile Sam.. but I still am very jealous of your avocados. I randomly thought about a avocado tree today, not sure if it was the heat or my avocado crazy mind – maybe both? Can’t wait to see all your cat pictures, love seeing all the personalities.. they each have their own mind and way of life, love seeing that!

  • I love these tips! I was just in Vegas last week, and upon arrival the bell man asked if I had ever been there before. I replied, no, this is my first time. He said “well you probably should have come at a different time- it was 105 degrees at one in the morning.” I said “oh…” as I melted into the ground. LOL

    • Oh my, 105 in the morning sounds brutal. I’ve never been to Vegas but I can only imagine how horrible it feels! I’d gamble online instead!

  • I share your misery. It’s so hot here it truly is unbearable. Someone told me its mind over matter, think cool thoughts but thats hard when my body is overheating. The kitties are smart laying on cool tiles, the pugs do the same. I wipe their bellies with a cold washcloth frequently, put ice cubes in their water bowl and keep my AC and fans running 24/7. Even with that it’s 85 degrees in my house and we are all suffering, so my dear I feel your pain. I detest the heat, can’t tolerate it and would love to live in San Francisco where it rarely gets this hot. Popsicles are in the freezer. have a lot of ice for cold water, maybe I’ll make some lemonade. Stay cool my friend!

    • Stay cool Suzanne! I will try to think (note: I accidentally typed “drink” – is that telling me something?) cool happy thoughts today! I’m going to need it come mid afternoon. I’m pretty jealous that you have popsicles, if I lived next door I would yell at the window “Share your popsicles with me!”. Enjoy that lemonade!

  • I just gave my dogs ice cubes to cool off. It’s hot here in Baltimore too! We didn’t even let the kids at vacation bible school go outside for game time! Our tomatos have been soaking up the water- the soil is like bricks when we do our night watering!

  • Oh my gosh 105…you must be baking. It’s 83 degrees in Liverpool UK but forecast to be 93 degrees by Monday. We are just not used to the heat and we dont have air con in our homes so I feel a little bit like a polar bear in Hawaii. I love your fudge idea, I just had a mint choc chip cornetto which made me feel a bit better. Stay cool and eat ice cream πŸ™‚

  • I used to live in Lake Havasu City, AZ in the summertime. For FIVE years. It got as high as 127 and was regularly over 100 during June, July, and August. One year, at 10 pm on the 4th of July, I was in a bikini watching the fireworks from the garage roof with my friends and I said “It’s actually a pleasant temperature right now. I wonder how hot it is?” It was 110. Your body does freakishly adapt to that, but it sucks no matter what. Especially in the city, though, with the heat radiating off of all the buildings and cement – urban heat effect and whatnot.

    We used to take a cooler with ice in it to the grocery store, which was only 10 minutes away. Otherwise, you couldn’t buy anything frozen. I ate a lot of popsicles. A LOT.

    I can only imagine your poor garden right now. I’ve been watering mine every night. It’s finally cooling off here, but next week its going back up.

    • It’s funny Katie, I was just saying yesterday I should walk to the store with my cooler and roll it home. All for the love of popsicles! The garden is brutal during the day to the point of I can get pretty bad sunburn in just a few minutes (shiny roof) so we’ve been watering it at night. A few nights ago we were up there with flash lights as we had to wait for it to cool down and by the time that came, it was dark out.


    My kittywitty was so hot and listless that I started giving her a buzz cut last weekend. So far I’ve only been able to do the top and some of the sides, so she has a reverse mohawk of sorts. Just when I thought she couldn’t get any cuter!

  • You poor thing! I’m sure it’s miserable in the city with the heat because you have all those buildings around and the then the pavement. When it gets hot here, we head into the city because the city is always at least 10-15 cooler. SF never gets too hot. We make a pitstop at Ghirardelli for an ice-cream sundae and then head home refreshed and cooler. Your poor cats, they must have a hard time in the heat. I feel bad for the animals when it gets hot, because they have all that fur! Stay cool girl! xoxo, Jackie

  • I am a little more north than you… but it’s the same here! Sweltering! One of my kitties sits directly in front of the a/c and hogs all the cool air! πŸ˜€

  • Aww. that’s hot, and I love the idea of throwing ice cubes down shirts. Poor baby cats, look at those adorable faces. Stay safe.
    Nice to meet you and glad to have found your blog , following it and your pretty little kitties.

  • Luckily, we had rain here today and it was beautiful. I have been living on fruity and cucumber infused water this summer. Love popsicles btw.

  • I had to look and see what that converts to in Celsius and my it is very hot! When we have a heat wave here it gets to about 111F during the day and about 100F at night so I can relate – and we don’t have an aircon. The hair wetting trick is the best advice – and I also wet a small hand towel and place it over my chest to help cool me down. Hope you all stay hydrated and that the cats don’t suffer too much – try putting ice in their water, I do that for my dogs πŸ™‚

  • Great tips for me over here with summer whole year round with a temperature of 33 – 35 degrees Celsius…. Take care over there my friend πŸ™‚

  • Lemon ice water is my most fav! I can’t believe it’s that hot over there. I’m up at about 7,000 ft (mtns) and it’s been unusually hot at 100 degrees. Normal high is around 85! But in Utah, it’s a dry heat…zero humidity! (=

    • Lemon water makes me so happy, in fact I’m about to go get a cup right now! Stay cool where you are, and enjoy your week!

  • Lots of useful tips. Underclothes inside are also too much in the extreme heat – a large towel kept handy can do the fastest cover-up job in emergencies (male or female).
    Having a pool handy for quick dips is useful – but I suppose that option doesn’t apply for city living.

    • I’ve been pretending jumping into my cold shower is the same thing as a quick pool dip. It’s not as fun, but it cools me down! πŸ™‚

  • Oh, tell me about it… I forget how hot it is outside… my office is a gorgeous temperature to work in and you’d be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t too bad outside and then you go out and it hits you like a wall! Not quite as bad here as where you are I think, but if I’m on at balcony at 2am, leaning against the wall… I can still feel the heat radiating out from it – yuck!

    I feel bad for my cat… black fur, he probably has a hard time, especially since the apartment is hotter than outside I think. Usually he finds a shady spot under a chair on a rug on the balcony and falls asleep for most of the day while us saps have to go to work! πŸ™‚

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