Wednesday Chit Chat & Some Favorite Things

Hi Friends,

It’s another Wednesday.  How are you doing?

Are you ready for Fall? Do you have your pumpkins already?  Are you all decorated for Halloween? Even though it’s my favorite holiday, I’m slacking a bit.  I’ve brought out a few of the Halloween ghosts and pumpkins, but there’s multiple boxes I need to get out from the loft to really get our place in Halloween shape.  Let the Halloween decorating begin!

Speaking of Halloween, are you dressing up this year? There is only one answer for this.  Yes!  I think I’m recycling a costume this year, but updating some of it, so I hope that counts as acceptable! My birthday is a few days before Halloween so we’re going on a birthday/Halloween vacation to Disney World. If you know me then you know my love for Disney is extremely strong… so to be celebrating happy day and trick or treating at Disney makes me so excited I will probably cry while doing it!
Speaking of, our Disney Magic Bands came in the mail…guess who is totally decorating hers with pumpkins? Yup!

We picked the last of the tomatillos from the garden a few days ago.  This was the first year growing them and they did amazing.  We were worried because they were very slow to begin but once they got started it was just a avalanche of salsa verde to be eaten! Yum.   Tomatillos will now become a staple in the garden!
Last tomatillo harvest of the year.  This was our first year growing them and they did amazing.  See you tomatillos again next year!

Thanks for all your nice words on Bofinkles from last week’s post.  She’s been taking her supplements but she hates the food so it’s been a little drama to get her to eat it.  I try to bribe her but she’s too smart for that.   In other cat news, I’ve been catching Xanadu and Goblin smooching a little bit.  Xanadu will usually ruin Goblin’s attempt at being romantic by hitting him on the head, but sometimes they both go in for a little kiss in the mornings.
photo 2.JPG


In today’s post I wanted to share with you my 2 new favorite things, both super fitting with this blog – fresh flowers and beautiful flatware!  

First, let me introduce you to Bouqs which is a online flower shop that sells fresh flowers for $40 (flat, shipping included).
The Bouqs Review_1

They cut the flowers on the same day you order which means your’re getting the freshest flowers possible! Oh did I tell you they grow on a volcano farm in Ecuador?  I’m serious.  They grow 10,00 feet above sea level which means SUN SUN SUN.    You can see more about how it works (cute video too).  I’ve already bought flowers for myself (everyone should do this) and for friends.  I’m already planning on sending multiple bouquets for friends we work for a end of the year gift (if you’re reading this and it’s you, act surprised!). 

 The Bouqs Review_2

When they arrived, I was in love with how fresh they were!  Seeing fresh flowers sitting on my desk or dining room table basically brightens up my day.   The cool thing Bouqs also has is a Concierge service which allow you to schedule deliveries for important days such as birthdays, anniversaries or just just a good gesture. 
The Bouqs Review_3

The have lots of beautiful Fall arrangements, so check them out and spoil yourself with some flowers! How cute are the Bouq-o-Lanterns?!

Now to my new favorite forks, spoons and knives!
We’ve been in the market for a new set of flatware for quite some time. Our previous ones were for a few years old and just weren’t aging nicely.  Also there was this one fork that had a accident in the oven once, but that’s another story for another time!  We’ve been browsing flatware in a few stores and then when were were in Whisk (my favorite store in Brooklyn) Matthew and I both fell in love with Ginkgo flatware, especially the Simple set
Ginkgo Simple Flatware Set

We both love forks that have some weight to them.  I don’t really like light forks, I want something that feels heavy and strong in my hand when I’m eating a big bowl of pasta.  And a bowl of soup, I need that hefty spoon to lift up that broth!

Ginkgo Simple Flatware Set_2

What we especially loved about this set was how simple it was (it’s name is Simple!).  The design is modern and each piece has clean lines.  There’s no ornamental decorations on them, there’s no flowers or designs, they are just clean and simple.
Ginkgo Simple Flatware Set_3

We’ve already replaced our old silverware with this and couldn’t be happier.  I know this is going to last us years but if anything ever happens to this, we’re going to have to buy this set again.  I love it so much!  
Ginkgo Simple Flatware Set_1  

 You can check out all their lines here.   I’m sure you’ll fall in love with something (I love the one below too!).

 Happy mid week everyone!


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  • I doubt if we’ll do the costume bit this year, although our cat thought it’d be cool if she had a skunk costume. She’s a lot more into tricks than treats. 🙂 We’ve never grown tomatillos — definitely should try those next year. Fun pictures, entertaining read — thanks.

  • I’m excited for halloween this year! I have plans to sit out front at our house with one of my friends and hand out candy to the kids! It’s so fun now that we actually get kids for trick or treating since we moved!

  • Ohh I love that cutlery set! We badly, badly need a new one.. our is a weird mismatch from thrift stores and a picnic basket that came with a few pieces.

    I still don’t have a halloween costume yet either! I won’t be going anywhere as fun as Disney, but I still want to dress up

  • I love Halloween, too! I don’t think we will dress up because we don’t really have anywhere to go in costume (sad I know). We have a couple pumpkins and I’d like to get a few gourds. Living in an apartment kind of stinks at Halloween because we don’t get trick or treaters and don’t have a yard to decorate!

  • Surprisingly, we actually got pumpkins and our decorations out early this year – my husband loves Halloween and I swear he starts pulling out them out earlier each year 🙂 So excited for your birthday trip to Disney, you guys will have a blast : ) Yay for new silverware – it’s so pretty!

  • I’ve to admit…it didn’t feel like fall when I came back from my trip in Asia last week. The weather was super warm in the Northwest, and then just yesterday, it was super chilly and leaves started to change color…it’s definitely fall and after dropping by Trader Joes, I was shocked by the numerous pumpkin-based products and huge crates of different sizes of pumpkins and I was ready for fall! I’m so happy that Bofinkles is looking amazing…she’s beautiful! And such beautiful utensils…I need to find some rustic ones, when it comes to kitchen shopping, I go crazy for utensils!

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