SNICKERS Cracker Sandwiches

Do you know who I am when I’m hungry?  I’m this person here who thinks a delicious SNICKERS® Almond (yum) bar should be plated and be called dinner.  Forget about a full meal.  I’m hungry and therefor cranky.   Have you ever tried to decide what to have for dinner while hungry?  Do you end up sitting on the kitchen floor banging your head against the cabinet because you just want food to magically appear?  Ok, me too.
Snickers Cracker Sandwiches

Because I don’t want you to turn all cranky on me,  I’m giving you a nice little snack.  This is perfect for a afternoon pick me up and super perfect for a fun party appetizer. Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Salt = Yes, please.  Hi Snickers Cracker Sandwiches, say hi to my friends.
Snickers Cracker Sandwiches_9

You only need 3 things to make these little irresistible sandwiches, SNICKERS Peanut Butter Squares, crackers and a little bit of salt.  

I like to take a SNICKERS Peanut Butter Square and cut it in thirds.  And then I like to stare at it because goodness golly molly, look at this beauty.  Did I just throw this in my mouth without proceeding to make a sandwich? Maybe, but there’s no way for you to tell. 😛
Snickers Cracker Sandwiches_4

After I’m done staring, I take each third and crumble it up into smaller pieces.   

Then I put the cracker on top and sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on top.   I also take a picture of said sea salt but completely miss it, instead just capturing my fingers.  Hey, it happens.  At least my nail polish is pretty.  
Snickers Cracker Sandwiches_8

So go ahead and snack on…! One of these will push away the cranky monster! 
Snickers Cracker Sandwiches_10

Snickers Cracker Sandwiches_7

But you better  hurry up, because they’ll be gone in seconds!
Snickers Cracker Sandwiches_6




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