Show Someone You Love Them With a Unicorn


I know, what a title right? Show someone you love them…. with a unicorn! So grab your unicorn (they’re easy to find) and let’s get loving.

 The truth is I love Matthew. Kissy faces and “oohs and ahhs” from the crowd. Stop it you guys.  So when I heard about CloudPets™ that allow you to give someone a stuffed animal that sends voice messages to them and for them to return them back to you, I knew I had to surprise Matthew with one.  What says I love you more than hearing my voice every morning with a new surprise?  

Watch below for how it works.  When there’s a new message the heart blinks red. Then you press it’s hand and the message is heard!

Don’t like unicorns – how dare you! You can also buy a Kitty (yes!), Bear, Bunny or Puppy.  

CloudPets™ are great because they can share the love near or far.   This is a new way to keep loved ones in touch when far away. My dad was a over the road truck driver so imagine how fun this would have been for me to send him messages and then for him to return them. I could have listened to the messages in bed snuggled up to my stuffed animal right before going to sleep.   Imagine your parent reading you a bed time story from thousands of miles away.  Maybe your child is in the military and you want to cheer them up, this is a great idea.  Or maybe you want to be super cute and ask your other half to marry you.  I mean can anyone say no a unicorn? 

I was surprised by how great the iPhone app worked to get this up and running. After I connected it to bluetooth I was able to send and receive a message in minutes.  When Matthew got home from work I left this on the table and then nodded to him furiously to press it’s hand.  Then I laughed like a wild woman. 


By the way Mister Unicorn (his official name) also has great hair. It’s sparkly which is exactly what unicorns should have!

And for parents who will be sharing this with their child, CloudPets™ also has parental controls in the free app (both Android and iPhone available).  This is how it works.  

So head to Walmart to find the CloudPets™ of your choice (available at select Walmart stores, but soon will be available nationwide). Right now there’s a big pallet display at the front of the store, right next to the 3 AA batteries you’ll need.

By the way, cats really love Mister Unicorn.  If only cats had thumbs so they could press the hands I would leave them messages all day long.  They would get sick of me and I would love it. 


 Which animal would you pick?  Don’t you love this idea of sharing love from a far?


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