Seeds Have Been Planted: Garden 2014


A few days ago we had a snow storm.  I had the terrible task of walking to the dentist in the storm, what a exercise for my thighs!  Surprisingly enough even though it’s snowy outside, a Spring garden is starting to come up inside.   Garden planning always happens as soon as the new year starts.  It’s cold out, you’re wearing your winter coat,  cats are huddled by the heater (with me asking them to all lay on my lap at once to keep me warm) but you have to think about broccoli, peas, carrots and more.  It’s a bit weird.

The process starts out with Matthew and I sitting down and discussing the past garden year. What did we really like growing? What didn’t do that great?   What do we want to grow that we haven’t?   This always ends up in at least one small argument, usually with me declaring my love for pumpkins and corn and Matthew saying he doesn’t think they’re worth the space.  Then I huff and puff.   We settled on pumpkins (of course) but this year we’re not growing corn.   Some years it grows great, some years it’s lack luster, it’s just not worth the box space for a few months if we’re unsure of the outcome.   So in it’s place we’re trying a few new plants, ones that I’m pretty excited about (really excited).  

Here’s the tentative growing list:

Spinach: New Zealand -this will grow through Summer
Kale: Trying a new kind that we will harvest the entire plant at once, instead of leaves here or there
Carrots: These are pretty much grown throughout the entire year
Lettuce: Heat tolerant to last into Summer
Joi Choi: Trying new this year
Sugar Snap Peas

Bell Peppers
Cherry Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Brandywine Beef Tomatoes: New variety, supposedly are huge
Pie Pumpkins: We grow these in the Summer and Fall
Yard Long Green Beans: We grew the red variety before and they grew great but we didn’t like the nutty test.  I bought the green ones at the Supermarket to taste test them and we love them, so hoping these heat resistant beans are successful.
Soy Beans: We usually do 2 batches of these back to back
Jalapeno Peppers: New to the garden, pretty excited for these.
Cantaloupe: New to the garden, thought it would be a good switch on the usual only watermelons we grow.
Cucumbers: For pickles
Tomatillos: New to the garden, probably most excited to try to grow these.
Yellow Eye Beans: New to the garden, baked beans.
Midnight Black Beans: New to the garden,  will be a learning experience with drying beans.

Here is the link if you want to follow the garden calendar. I update this when we plant seeds and transplant the seedlings.  Every year it stays approximately the same, so if you are in a relatively similar climate feel free to use this calendar to assist your planting schedule.

 All of our seeds come from Johnny Seeds, with a few occasional special packs sent from friends in far away locations or a few seed packs from Burpee if we need something right away and can’t wait for it to ship.  I would highly recommend Johnny Seeds  if you can order online, we’ve always had a good experience with them and their seeds.

Like I mentioned up above we are trying a few new vegetables this year but I am extremely excited for the tomatillos because I’m crazy about salsa verde.  Also I’m interested to see how the dry beans go and if 1) they will work 2) how many we have to plant to make it worth while.   None the less, I’m excited to try something new and if it actually does work I’ll be smiling for weeks because I love me some black beans.

Most of the seeds we planted have started to come up. So far the broccoli, cauliflower, kale and onion seeds have been planted.

Give them a few days to come up, sometimes they take longer so don’t panic.  Once they come up, we give them a few days and then turn on a box fan that stays on all during the day.  The grow lights and fan are set up to a timer so they turn on automatically in the morning and off at night.    Why a fan?  It acts like the wind.  You want your plants even from the beginning to grow strong, so the fan will prepare them to build strength for the wind outside.   This will help the whole transplanting to the real world process much easier on your seedlings.

So lets garden talk.
Have you started planning for your garden yet?
Have you started planting seeds?
What are you growing, or what do you plan on growing? Anything super exciting?

 Have a good weekend!


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  • We try to have a small garden every year, but nothing on this scale. I wish I was this organized. Looking forward to learning more about your gardening experience throughout the year.

  • So timely! It just dawned on me this morning that it is almost February and I haven’t planned out my garden yet.

    I love Johnny’s Seeds, we’ve been using them for a few years now. Looks like I will be putting together my plan this weekend. Those turtle beans are something I want to try too. I circled them in the seed catalog last year.

  • You have inspired me to get started! Oregon is having an unusually dry winter, so my summer garden plans may need adjustments. I grew jalapeno’s for the first time last year and froze some whole. Then at Christmas I used them to make a pepper jelly that I gave as gifts. It was a big success! Thanks for all your tips.

  • This is seriously inspirational! My thumb is way too brown and I’m too realistic to ever attempt anything on any scale but (now..don’t laugh!) I’m going to plant some herbs this Spring. That is a big step for me, Pamela. Wish me luck. : )

  • One day I will have a bigger place and I will do like you, planting everything that I love. I’m really impressed by all the veggies you can grow, it’s really amazing! I’m sure all this requires lots of attention and care, at the beginning it’s not that easy… but must be so rewarding! This post is great inspiration to me.


    My friend and I set up a mini seed exchange this year and I got so many cool new things to grow, in addition to my standards. I don’t have a complete list (yet…that’s my weekend plan) but I have about 5 different kinds of kale!!, basils, carrots, bok choi, broccoli, spinach, lettuces, radishes, beets (a couple kinds of these) and some other stuff. I have two new kinds of tomatoes that I am VERY excited about and two new kinds of cucumber that I can’t wait for also. And i have more space because the garage construction tore up my flower beds and while I should replant flowers there, I’m probably going to plant some shade loving lettuces and greens instead. Because OF COURSE. 😀

    Pink brandywines were the best producers of all 8 kinds of tomatoes I grew last summer. And they were by far the tastiest! I often sat down with a 1-2 pounder and just sliced it and ate it whole. Straight up.

    • That sounds like so much fun Katie. Love the way you’re thinking for the garage, but I knew you’d go the vegetable route. 😉

  • I am having a garden this year for the first time in 10 years. I spent this afternoon online researching what I want to grow and where I can get the seeds. I sow right into the ground, except for tomatoes and peppers, I buy the plants.

    I am impressed with what you do with a rooftop garden.


  • Dear Pamela, Oh, it is nice to think of the spring and a garden!
    My daughter has taken the task of starting the seeds for a garden. She does them is a newspaper cup. She did not have that much success last year. Perhaps it was because of all the salt in the ground from Hurricane Sandy. I truly hope for better luck this year. She really enjoys it and I love to see how happy the garden makes her when it starts to grow.
    I am very impressed with your garden and all the variety you have planted.
    Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  • Wow Pamela! I love planting and growing produce- it tastes so much better! You’ll have so many different fruit and vegetables to look forward to! Can’t wait for your recipes using these! 🙂

  • I’m so excited for you Pamela!! I can’t wait to hear how your seedlings thrive, and how the newest additions work out for you. I love your garden…
    I need to start my seeds too.. I did start some basil, chives, and parsley, but they’re not doing very well. I’m not sure if I took them from their little hothouse (a baggie over the clay pot!!) or what, but I’m thinking they need to be covered for another week. It’s exciting, especially because we’ve hit the January Doldrums… it’s nice to see new life. A ray of hope… 🙂

    • I totally know what you mean Prudy, it sure is a nice feeling to see some green in the Winter when it’s snow everywhere else. 🙂

  • Wow this is so inspirational! I haven’t had a successful garden since I was a child.. and that was clearly my mom doing most of the work. I don’t count the sweet herb garden at our last place because someone else planted it and it thrived despite my basically ignoring it except to harvest. I want to try growing something this year.. and I think my best bet it to just pick one item and focus on that to prove to myself that I can do it. haha

  • Wow, love this post! You always inspire me so much with your gardening! Hopefully this year, I will try to grow a bigger variety – just wish I didn’t have such a black thumb hehe 🙂

  • Wow – you guys are amazing. I love your mad gardening skills!
    Before we moved to California, we had a super cute, little garden in our backyard. We expanded it each year… now we just kind of have a little balcony, and I lack a green thumb. BUT I will at least grow some herbs on the balcony and a friend said she’d help me grow an avocado tree on it.

  • I have a teeny tiny horrible garden in my student accomodation, but this year I have decided to grow something, i’m going tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli 🙂 I was wondering, what kind of containers do you use for your cauliflower and broccoli? I have a gravel garden, so will need to grow like you do. Checked out your calender too, youre the best resource i know for container growing, so glad i found you 🙂

    • Awesome, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower sounds great! We use 27 and 54 gallon totes. With the 27 we can get about 2-3 plants per container and with the 54 we can get 4-5 depending on the plant size. Let me know if you have any other questions. Can’t wait to see your veggies!

  • Great Share!

    Gardening is my passion and profession both and I love to devote the entire day to this field in order to get best results. However, sometimes my efforts go in vain but I keep going on the right track.

    Keep sharing!

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