Saturday Night Fever 18: A Recipe Link Party!

Happy Saturday night everyone!
Tell me how do you spend your Saturday nights (besides linking up delicious recipes).  Do you have dinner and then plop down with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie?  Do you get your mascara on and dance the night away?   Do you throw on your pajamas and curl up with a book?    

I like to do all 3.  I eat dinner, throw on pajamas and mascara (why not), grab a few cats to dance with while singing Drake lyrics I won’t mention here,  then I curl up with a book when I’m exhausted.  What a Saturday night!

Have a good one all, don’t party too much!

party disco ball 4hosts


Most Clicked Last Week:
Cream Cheese Pound Cake With a Red Velvet Heart Center – A delicious mouthful.

My Favorites:

Linguini with Pumpkin Cream Sauce – Pumpkin in January? Yes, please!

Sweet Chile Hot Wings – I love me some wings.

Spicy Brown Sugar Chicken Tenders – Love that sugar spice flavor.


Now, let’s get to the party! The rules are simple:

  1. Please only link up food or drink related posts. (Others will not be pinned.) You can share up to 5 recipes, and they don’t have to be new posts!
  2. Visit and comment on at least one other link. It’s not a party without mingling!
  3. Follow each of your hosts in at least one way:

Brooklyn Farm Girl:

32x32-Stars-79-P 32x32-Stars-79-TW 32x32-Stars-79-FB 32x32-Stars-79-GP

Lemon Tree Dwelling:

32x32-Stars-79-P 32x32-Stars-79-TW 32x32-Stars-79-FB 32x32-Stars-79-GP

The Weary Chef:

32x32-Stars-79-P 32x32-Stars-79-TW 32x32-Stars-79-FB 32x32-Stars-79-GP

Yummy Healthy Easy:

32x32-Stars-79-P 32x32-Stars-79-TW 32x32-Stars-79-FB 32x32-Stars-79-GP

Come back next week to see if you were featured! Each host will choose her own features, so be sure to visit all of us to look for your name in lights. Now let’s get to the fun!

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