Road Trip to the Flea Market

Yesterday we rented a car and drove to Columbus, New Jersey to go to one of the biggest flea markets I’ve ever been to.  Besides the usual inside booths, the outside was filled with never ending rows of people selling their junk and treasures.  It seemed everytime we rounded a corner thinking it was done, there was another field filled with tables and items to root through.  Going to flea markets was a big thing in my childhood, we would go to the local one every Sunday and some other ones during the week.  Right before vacation every year we would even set up our own stand and sell to make some extra money.  I was always the kid selling the RL Stine Goosebumps books who was not going to give you a deal because did you have any idea how good these books were?  I remember sometimes my parents would leave me alone at the stand and I would have to sell tables worth of their goods.  Folks would come up to me asking how much my parents items cost or questions about them.  I would glance up from my Nintendo Gameboy and shrug, 50 cents for that kitchen table, sure take it.  But those RL Stines – no deal is being made.

It was a fun journey.  We found some items that we wanted, and some that we didn’t really need but had to buy.  Road trips are always supposed to be filled with eating horribly, so there was some treats to be had along the way too.

photo 3.JPG
This was at a rest stop along the way.  My sunglasses were just found broken in my bag but I decided to wear them anyways.
photo 2.JPG
For breakfast we split a Cinnabon.   I also got tea, they didn’t even ask me what kind of tea I wanted out of 20 options.  Instead they just gave me a Lipton tea bag and told me to take it over to the hot water station.  I was not in New York anymore.
photo 4.JPG
There we arrived! This picture was taken at the end of the day, at the beginning, there was cars to be found everywhere.  We had to park very far away which was good because of the amount of fudge I would soon eat.
photo 3.JPG
Once inside the flea we came across a store that sold almost every game you could think of.  We love board games so we just stood and stare in amazement.  Two games I didn’t see: Ask Zandar, a classic in my opinion, and Candy Land Lotto which was my childhood favorite.
photo 1.JPG
I found what I believe is the best pie dish ever.  This gem here cost me $5 and was sold by a very stylish older woman who I had to promise I would take good care of this for her.   It’s one of those things that you know you’ll always love and will always make you smile.  I’m in love with it.  I’m pretty sure it was made for me.
photo 2.JPG
We bought 2 baseball gloves.  Matthew has brought up the idea of going to the park and catching baseballs for years so at $10 for 2 gloves, we found this to be a great deal.  The guy who sold them (who I believe is Joseph Galm’s father?) was very nice and gave me encouraging words that I could participate in this sport and not get hurt.   The baseball though.. that’s another story.
We were trying to find a cheap baseball after buying the gloves.  Matthew thought he saw some earlier in the day so we went back to these stands but couldn’t find any.  Eventually we came across one baseball that had signatures all over – who was it signed by? Babe Ruth? Little League team? No idea.  The booth belonged to a older man who when he saw us popped out of his pickup truck.  “How much for this?” Matthew asked him.  “One dollar” the man said.  Now it’ gets tricky.  Matthew shook his head and put the ball down.  Matthew thought $1 was too much.  I wasn’t sure what to do so just looked at Matthew to the older man and back and forth again. Then the older gentleman started to yell at Matthew “OH! ONE DOLLAR TOO MUCH FOR THIS MAN HERE! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS. ONE DOLLAR, TOO MUCH MONEY”.  Then I grabbed Matthew’s arm and tried to push us away.  We walked off as the man continued to yell at us down the rows “ONE DOLLAR IS TOO MUCH FOR THIS MAN THERE.  ONE DOLLAR. ONE DOLLAR”.  By that time I was crying with laughter.   Eventually we found this baseball.. and paid $2.50 for it.
photo 4.JPG
After the stress of the baseball man, we needed lunch.  We got a pepperoni pizza pretzel roll from the Amish market stand.  It was delicious.
photo 5.JPG
Matthew got this winter coat at a military store that also sold guns.  Would you like to see someone awkwardly standing in a store while her other half poses in front of a mirror with a complete wall full of guns behind her? That was me.
I needed a piece of fudge, so I got some chocolate peanut butter. I love fudge so much. It’s dangerous.  It’s delicious.  This was amazing.  I asked for a quarter pound, but the 8 year old (seriously) who rang me out said it was a bit over.  Ok, I guess, pull my arm, I will eat half a pound of fudge instead.  Ok, Ok.
photo 1.JPG
Do you know Whoopie pies?  This is a childhood favorite from always visiting the Amish markets.  The Amish know how to make their pies.  These can be described as one of the sweetest pastries you will ever eat.  It’s full of cream with a cake like top and bottom.  I got this pack of chocolate, pumpkin and oatmeal.  I took it to a debate party we were attending later that night and basically whoopied everyone else, we were in a sugar comatose. I made a horrible choice of this morning eating a piece of a leftover pie, now my day is moving very slowly.  I’m going to eat broccoli for the rest of the day.
photo 3.JPG
Also bought from the Amish, the best sour dough bread ever.  The smell of it – oh god.  I also got organic freshly ground peanut butter. I never had fresh peanut butter, I don’t think I can go back to the stuff in the jar now. I wanted a jar of red raspberry jam as it’s a favorite. I bought this thinking it was local freshly made, then when I got home i realized it said “Made in Ohio”.  I was fooled!
photo 4.JPG
On the way home we stopped in a Cracker Barrel to have a early dinner.   I never ate in a Cracker Barrel, only heard about their large portions.  I got a baked potato, a side order of mac and cheese and a cup of cabbage stew. I ate about 25% of it.  Matthew said he was disappointed in my ability to finish a full American meal like this, but there was no way.  How can potatoes grow that big?
Anyways, to my surprise Cracker Barrel has a gift store full of cute  holiday items!  What a great idea, after I finish dinner with a full belly, have me walk past Christmas trees decorated with my favorite people: snowmen.  Just give me one of everything, I need to go to the car and lie down.  I got these Snowmen Christmas ornaments, and Peppermint Bark because it’s a favorite.  We are ready for Christmas.  It’s October 12th. Bring it on!

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