Pizza Time! Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza Review

The answer to “Hey, want to grab some pizza?” is always yes!  So when Fratelli Brick Over Pizza and Wine Bar invited me for dinner the answer was one giant yes!  Take my hand and let’s jump on the subway, we’re about to take a trip uptown! That’s right, I’m going past 23rd Street to the Upper East Side… but it’s worth it for this pizza.

First up, let’s talk about this awesome homemade sundried tomato dip and bread that they brought out after we placed our orders. This sauce is so good they actually sell it in jars at the restaurant.  Get this.. the sauce is made with anchovies, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil.  Did you hear me? Anchovies! And here I thought they were gross my entire life but not in this sauce!  
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza

I love surprising Matthew with things like “this sauce has anchovies in it!” because I know how much anchovies scare him too.  The bread and sauce was a big hit.  I’m guilty of eating too much bread before the main course, anyone else?
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza_1

Next up was the Antipasto Contadino which is an assortment of cheeses, sopressata, dry sausage and tomato.  This was a appetizer but it was HUGE.   We both nibbled on all the delicious meats and cheeses while throwing on the yummy assortment of peppers and beans that were soaked in a spicy marinade in the middle. 
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza_2

While digging into the vegetables in the middle we found a piece of cauliflower that both made us cheer with excitement.  You guys know how much we love our cauliflower so this was a happy surprise at the bottom. 
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza_3

Now baby, it’s pizza time!

They serve 12″ and 16″ pizzas that can be made whole wheat or gluten if you’d like. They have the traditional Margherita but then they also have special pizzas like:
Pizza Girasole homemade mozzarella cheese, prociutto and sun-dried tomatoes.
Pizza Importante roasted shrimp, fresh arugula and mozzarella.
Pizza Quattro Formaggi gorganzola, fontina, mozzarella and reggiano.
Pizza Spring pineapple, roasted red peppers and grilled chicken in a light tomato sauce.

I got the Mamma Fratelli’s Classic which was diced tomatoes, ricotta, fresh mozzarella and garlic. Ricotta and mozzarella? Yes please! And on top of that I added some of my favorite prosciutto and mushrooms.
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza_5

Doesn’t it look delicious? And it was! I always love pizza covered in ricotta cheese on top so this was a big winner to my taste buds.
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza_6

Matthew got the Margherita Pizza which is fresh homemade mozzarella, basil, grated cheese and tomato sauce.  He topped it with mushrooms, pepperoni and sausage.  Matthew is a giant pizza lover (kinda crazy about it) so to hear him say “This is real good” I knew that this pizza passed the test.  To be honest we don’t leave Brooklyn often for pizza, but this pizza here holds up with the best of them so A+!
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza_4

And now dessert..

I read great things about the White Chocolate Polenta Cake so I went with that.  It tasted like warm corn bread covered in sweetness.  It was simply magical. 
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza_8

Matthew got the cannoli which I think was the star of the dessert menu. Even though my Polenta Cake was delicious this cannoli was on the scale of “holy heck this is delicious”.  Matthew only gave me one bite because he is mean and wouldn’t share but the one bite I took was simply amazing. Next time I go I’ll definitely treat myself to the cannoli (and not share with Matthew!).
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza_9

A funny moment that happened during dinner was when a ambulance parked outside the restaurant, lights on, for about 15 minutes.  It was like watching a light show on Matthew’s face.   
Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza_7

Verdict? Delicious! Their pizza can battle with the best of them, their serving sizes are generous and they had the kindest wait staff that was always refilling our glasses and making sure we were good.  It was a great dinner and we’ll definitely be back!  If you’re in NYC I’d recommend this for your next restaurant to try!

Fratelli Brick Oven Pizza is located at 1317 1st Avenue (between 71st St & 70th St) on the Upper East Side in NYC.


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