Photographing Cats With Their Favorite Food Is Hard Work!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tender & True Pet Nutrition. All opinions are 100% mine.

So here was the idea.  I was going to tell you all about how much our cats love Tender & True cat food (because they do).  I was going to photograph Toes specifically because she is always my food model, because well…. the lady loves food.  But then I took out a few cans of Tender & True food and instead of Toes, all 5 cats showed up.  Go figure!  One sniff of their favorite food and I’m surrounded by my fur babies!

Tender & True has a full line of USDA certified products for cats through all life stages. And you’re going to see all life stages below as my cats beg me to stop talking and taking photos! Open a can already Mom, we’re hungry! 

FiFi Bofinkles is 17 years old and she wants me to stop talking.  She’s the old lady of the family and wants respect! She wants me to immediately open that top can of Tender & True for her.  Tender & True is THE pet superfood – no antibiotics, no artificial preservatives, no artificial anything – their entire ingredient list is based on the nutrient need for cats – like Bofinkles.

This is Goblin.  Everyone on the blog knows Goblin.  Goblin is 3 years old and 7 pounds.  He doesn’t understand why everyone says he’s pretty!  He loves rolling around on dirty grounds and playing hard to get.  Tender & True love all animals, so they believe in animals being treated humanely.  That’s why all their animal proteins are certified by the Global Animal Partnership and were humanely raised in a reduced-stress environment without added hormones or antibiotics.  Their seafood is sustainable through MSC certified fisheries. 

Now who do we have here… oh, hello Xanadu! Xanadu is 11 years old and she’s Queen Bee of the house! While all the other cats eat their Tender & True on the ground she eats it on top of the counter, like the Queen cat she is!  Chicken & Brown Rice recipe is Xanadu’s favorite, which includes farm-raised chicken. It’s also GAP Certified Step 2 for humanely raised chicken. 

Watch out Xanadu, here comes Brother Bear for his closeup! Brother Bear is 8 years old and has abs of steel!  If you’re a cat, don’t look at him in the eyes – he doesn’t like it!   Brother Bear had a rough early life, but I can confirm he is now a snuggly lap cat.  Also, I’m kinda in love with him.

Oh, looks like Brother left and now it’s back to Xanadu to protect the cans of Tender & True until dinner time!  The cats love a good ol “Farm to Bowl” dinner!  

Tender & True is USDA Organic which means it’s at least 95% organic. It’s actually the first USDA certified dry pet food!  Find Tender & True near you!

Until next time… hope you enjoyed this cat loaded photo shoot!  This Mom has 5 very impatient fur babies to feed!

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