Bofinkles and Me Are In Love… Looking for your Pet Partner?

Did you read my post last week about Brother Bear? I hope so. I’m back with another adoption post… this one to get you to PetSmart for National Adoption Weekend.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that me and my FiFi Bofinkles have a special relationship, some even say romantic because we kiss so much. Yeah, we really love each other.  

Bofinkles is my babydoll and this month she will officially be with us for 6 years.  We adopted Bofinkles when she was already a senior cat at 9 years. Now she’ll be turning 15, some might call that a old lady, but Bofinkles would swat you if she ever heard you say that.  Bofinkles story is interesting. She was born in South Carolina, so she’s a Southern Belle with drama.  Ask Matthew, he can’t touch her without her biting me. But me? Oh no, I can do anything to her and she will drool happily.  We’re BFFs.

My baby Bofinkles. #iminlove

Anyways, when her previous owner found her where she was dangerously scrawny and wasn’t taken care of.   The owner left the shelter but couldn’t stop thinking about this girl, so the next day she went back and bought her.  She named her FiFi (we added on the Bofinkles).  Almost immediately she started gaining weight and started to show her personality. A few years later they would drive from South Carolina to NYC where they would live.  Eventually the owner couldn’t take care of her anymore so I adopted her in 2009.    I still remember when I went and got her her dramatic personality took center stage. Do know what she came with?  Come on guess.   This is a phsyical item that they gave me with her.  Ok, time is up.

They gave her FiFi Bofinkles stroller.  That’s right, she came with her own stroller.   This was a girl who obviously liked to ride in style.  

One of the first pictures I took of Bofinkles when she moved in….Beep, Beep, who’s ready to drive me around?
photo 4.JPG

The next week she pretty much hid under the couch, only coming out at night when I spoiled her with treats.  Xanadu was not pleased with Bofinkles arrival.  In fact the only 2 cats that don’t get along today is still Xanadu and Bofinkles.  I think there’s a jealousy Mama complex happening here, or maybe I just like to think that I’m that loved.  Anyways, eventually she started to peek her head out from under the couch.

And then she quickly started to give me kisses and rubbing my head.  it didn’t take long for her to snuggle on my lap with her cute little paws and nose showing.|



6 years later and we’re best friends.   Whenever there is Bofinkles there is her Mama.  I wake up with her, I have breakfast with her, I dance with her in the afternoon, I eat dinner with her in my lap and then I go to sleep with her.  Yeah, I know, she has me whipped but I love it.  

FiFi Bofinkles, you rule, I love you gal, I couldn’t imagine my days without you.

Want your new bff?  Ok, good.

This weekend during November 13-15 you can visit your local Petsmart for their PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend.  This 3 day event is held 4 times a year and has a wide crowd of cats and dogs that are available for adoption to bring back to their favorite home!  What makes me supper happy is that more than 15,000 people find their next pet to love during each National Adoption Weekend.  Isn’t that great?  Animal welfare organizations will be at PetSmart this weekend with adoptable pets.  Each organization has it’s own adoption policies and fees (which usually include spay/neuter surgery, vaccination, microchips, etc.) so make sure to find out more at your local store. There will be plenty of volunteers there to walk you through the entire adoption process.

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