Pamela’s Life: A Picture A Day, January

January is already over! Can you believe it?
In another adventure of a picture a day for a month prepare yourself for food, cats and snow.  Isn’t that Winter comfort?

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Jan 1:Goblin looks like a old man.  He’s a baby.

Jan 2:  Took the Christmas tree down. Our trees are always too big to get out the door that we have to chop it up inside.  It’s always sad but it’s great for compost in the garden.  

Jan 3:  Jalapeno plant is producing so many peppers inside!

Jan 4:  Can’t sleep? Have back ache?  Get a new bed!   This new bed changed my life, it feels like I’m sleeping in a posh hotel every single night.  I’m in llllooooove. 

Jan 4: Tried to be handy and built myself a shelving system for props!

Jan 5:  Frozen burrito bowl for lunch.  It looks pretty but I considered it “ok”. 

Jan 6:   Snowy day in Central Park.

Jan 6: My baby Bofinkles. 

Jan 7:  Played Puerto Rico for the first time.  Got demolished. It was still fun.

Jan 8:  Kitten getting it’s grub on outside.  Afterwards I gave it chin rubs. 

Jan 9:  Chopped my hair off!  My salon serves tea and cookies too.  The best, right?

Jan 9:  Went to Circus Now at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.  Was pretty much blown away at every performance.


Jan 10:  Went to the HomeGoods store for the first time and did major damage.  Hello new recipe props! Also Brother Bear enjoys them too.  Hey pink fuzzy socks too. 

Jan 11:  Garden planning for the year!  We already planted a few of our Spring plant seeds. 

Jan 12: Became obsessed with these sinful brownies.

Jan 13: This month I’ve been craving lasagna very often.

Jan 14:  Hi babies, mama loves you.

Jan 15:  I call this the polka dot tree. 

Jan 16:  Essy died one year ago, we miss her every day. 

Jan 17:  Behind the scenes of a recipe post

Jan 17:  We wanted a change to our kitchen cabinets so I  primed them with white paint.  Turns out we loved how that looked so we’re keeping them like this.  I love happy surprises.  🙂

Jan 17:  Making props for a Superbowl post.

Jan 18:  Vegetable Packed Slow Cooker Chili, want a bowl?

Jan 19:  Our studio is located in a building with a bunch of bakeries.  That means dessert for breakfast! Right now I’m obsessed with these chocolate croissants from Mille-feuille Bakery. Best part? They’re only $2!  They are so flaky, I wish I could have you each take a bite!

Jan 20:  New favorite lunch, boiled shrimp udon noodle soup.  

Jan 21:  Attended the Women Entrepreneurs Festival.  Diane von Furstenberg was the keynote speaker.  What a beautiful, sassy and smart woman!

Jan 22:  It was Day 2 of the conference. I sat in on some amazing talks and met a ton of amazing ladies.  At the end of day we got some sweets (along with a much needed tea). See that ice cream there? It’s going to change your life. I will be posting about it soon because I think it’s some of the best ice cream I ever had. 

Jan 23:  This is Lily, she’s my favorite pet store cat. 

Jan 24:  We rooted a cutting from a plant to start a new one.

Jan 24:  Goblin got his very first professional grooming. He hated it, haha.  The part he loved was the blow dryer. Although all this hair came off him, he still looks exactly the same.  I don’t even understand how that’s possible. 

Jan 25:  Received these delicious Chocolate Covered Cherries in the mail from Santa Barbara Chocolate Company.  Full post about them soon…  along with a yummy cookie recipe that uses them!

Jan 26:  Snow! We were supposed to get 3 feet of snow, but only ended up with 8 inches. I’ll take what I can get.

Jan 27: Saw these plates at Anthropologie and fell in love. 

Jan 28: More snow. Run!

Jan 29: Went to a Kitchenaid event to see their new line. I was pretty much in tears by the end exclaiming I must have everything. Below you’ll see their new design (and a industry first!), black stainless steel.  Yup, you heard me right. This is really sexy.  Really, Really.

Jan 29:  After I cried from happiness I went  and ate a piece of bacon on a clothes line. And then I cried again. This was so sweet and delicious.  I need to perfect this recipe 

Jan 29:  Ok, one more picture from the event. See this beauty?  My stove at home has a storage drawer at the bottom.  This one has a separate baking drawer that can bake up to 450 degrees.  That means a extra drawer for cookie baking. Isn’t this genius?

Jan 30:  Thanks for making me feel like I’m in a sunny paradise while it’s 15 degrees out.

Jan 31: Breakfast again, toasted coconut donut from DOUGH. I always rave about DOUGH, but I can’t help myself. They are the best!

Jan 31: More snow!  This is one happy snowman.  Note the trashcan full of pizza boxes in the background, now we know why he’s so happy.



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