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If you’re anything like me then you crave  fruits during the day, especially in the Summer time.  In the morning I prefer a banana or raspberries, in the afternoon I love some apples or blackberries and for dessert it’s all about cherries!  Because I’m often on the go or am not working from home I always love a healthy snack that I can throw in my bag.  Have you ever thrown a pint of raspberries in your bag, forgot about them, and then thrown a laptop on top of them? Ugh.  Or don’t remind me about that banana I totally forgot about… weird things can happen to bananas that are forgotten.  Trust me.

Let me introduce you to my new favorite friend that solves all these problems.  OneBar!  OneBar is a low calorie snack that offers one full serving of fruit in each bar.  I know, isn’t it amazing? What makes OneBar unique is that it’s line contains baobab as a flavor.  Baobab is a super fruit that is packed with more nutrition than any other super fruit.  Because of how awesome Baobab are, their trees are endangered.    Because OneBar sources the fruit fair trade then they’re able to protect the trees from being cut down.  Baobab is a great source of dietary calcium – perfect for vegans and vegetarians.  It also has nearly 6x (!) the amount of potassium then bananas.  You can use baobab in OneBars as a healthy snack, but you can also use it in smoothies, baked goods, cereals and more.  

What’s my favorite OneBar flavor? I’m glad you asked!  I am totally in love with the Cherry flavor.  It reminds me of a adult fruit rollup.. in bar form.  It’s pretty magical when you take that first bite! I can’t wait to hear what you think of OneBar.  Tell me in the comments if you have tried them.  If you haven’t tried them – which one do you think will be your favorite? Cherry, Apple or Mango?

One Bar

Check out how awesome the ingredients are of the Mango flavor.  
One Bar_2

Because I think you rule (I really do) enter the giveaway below for three boxes (Apple, Cherry and Mango) of OneBar.   40 winners (!) will be picked!  The giveaway ends on June 19th at noon PST.  
If you can’t get enough of them, you can also buy here and use the coupon code EasyFruit which will give you 25% off.  Just make sure to order before April 31.

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  • I am not huge on fruit while am at work – but I could munch on a couple of these during the day! Pamela – this is an awesome giveaway – thanks so much for hosting this one!

  • Hi Pam!

    I have never tried a OneBar, can’t wait to sample. Craving fruit during summer, yes please, all day long! I am a fruit addict. But fruit is not portable in the car, especially with kids! I’m always looking for a portable snack that I can throw in my bag for the kids if we’re going to the park/pool/playdate/zoo anything so I don’t have to pack a full lunch! These look delicious. Might not be able to wait for the giveaway, so I’ll have to buy a few now. Thanks!

  • I’d take a OneBar on a long bike ride, possibly the one I have scheduled on June 28, which will be really hilly and I’ll need lots of energy!

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