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With all the sexy chocolate talk a few days ago I decided I wanted to share something different today!   Even though it’s alot of gardening and cooking on this blog, I’d like to slowly start to dip my toes into making some fashion and design posts so I thought this would be a great start.

To start, Matthew and I often work in fashion so even though you see me in some pajama wearing dressed garden pictures I love clothes and sparkly nails.   Matthew actually makes fun out of me because I often dress in inappropriate gardening clothes, who knew Yohji Yamamoto could make dresses for girls to pick their cauliflower in?  Patent leather shoes in the garden? Why not.

I have been wanting a hair change for a while now.  I had blue hair for so many years but then I decided it was time to let go so I went back to my natural dark brown.  And then months later I immediately regretted it and dreamed of having blue back.  I went back and forth between doing it and not doing it and then finally I decided on a happy medium – gray.  I’m going gray already, so why not just start out early and go full gray? So earlier this week I went see the ultra talented Aura at Sally Hershberger salon and went silver.   It’s a bit darker than what I was hoping for, and I have fears of green and yellow tints (hopefully will be solved with some shimmer I add in when washing) but a few days later I’m feeling pretty good about it.  It especially shines gray in the natural light.  Snowmen love it too. 🙂 

Right now I’m kinda crazy about bonnets.  I have a friend who constantly thinks I’m crazy for this, but I’m in love.  On my Christmas list I have “bonnets” listed.  I can’t get enough.  A sharp black bonnet for the winter time makes me weak in the knees.

Also I’m all about layers year round, but especially in the winter time.  This is my winter coat I often wear,  but I love wearing multiple skirt layers underneath to peek out from the front.  
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Along with long flowing skirts, I love casual Oxfords or sneakers to be worn with it.

Knitted wear for cat lovers.  Multiple people passed this link on to me, glad I’m thought of when it comes to cats.. 🙂
Have you seen the Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop collection? I want everything, but especially these 2 dresses and the monster throw.
topshop-navy-blue-eye-lip-low-cut-long-dress-by-meadham-kirchhoff-product-2-15144708-513795210_large_flex meadham-kirchhoff-topshop

I’ve been dreaming of neon and pastel colored satchels.

I love the hair for the Valentino Spring 2014 show.  I have tried to do this to my own hair a few times now.

I love these nails for the upcoming holidays.

Beauty Box_1

Beauty Box_2Beauty Box_3
Have you tried Beauty Box Five yet?  They are a subscription service that delivers a box of sample beauty products every single month.  They kindly asked me if I wanted to sample them so they sent me a monthly box.  Here are my thoughts:
My products were travel size shampoo/conditioner, eyeliner, lip gloss and oil absorbing facial tissues
The box is $12 which is a good deal. The eyeliner and lip gloss retail for $30 together so already you are saving.
The eyeliner comes with a lid that has a built in sharpener – genius idea in my opinion.
The lip gloss is ok but I don’t think I would wear it.  Honestly I can’t bring myself to wear anything that says “be a…bombshell”. 
I wasn’t a fan of the shampoo or conditioner, I went back to my regular bottles the next night.  Also the full sizes bottles retail for about $20 a piece so a bit pricey if you end up buying it. I didn’t like the shampoo and conditioner were 2 out of the 5 products.
The oil absorbing tissues are nice to have, but I have a few already and this pack isn’t anything special.
I was a bit bummed to not find any nail products  in this box, especially as nail color is so popular right now.
If you’re into beauty and love trying new products, I think you should give it a try. If you’re incredibly picky, it might not be for you.

My fragrance of choice for the past few years has been Tom Ford’s Black Orchid.  I have been stopped and asked so many times what I’m wearing. I like perfumes that are less floral and more strong.  Black Orchid is described as “sultry woods” and has in it Bergamot, Citrus, Mandarin, Black Gardenia, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Lotus Wood, Orchid, Spicy Floral Accord, Orchid (Tom Ford Black Accord), Patchouli, Sandalwood, Incense, Vanilla.  If this ever gets discontinued I will cry. 

Do you use dry shampoo? Isn’t it just the best? Dry shampoo is great on those extra lazy days of “I don’t want to wash my hair but I don’t want to look like a greaser”.   I have very fine hair so my hair tends to get oily quick but washing it every single day is bad, especially if it’s colored.  With dry shampoo I can throw this on everyday instead.  With my silver hair, it’s preferred I only wash it with real shampoo 2 times a week to make the color last as long as possible,  so the dry shampoo works wonders to last the week.   I’ve tried many dry shampoos that are out there, ranging from very expensive to cheap and I find that Suave’s Keratin Infusion works just as good as the extra pricey versions.  Even better, you can find it at almost any drugstore now.

Another great hair product that works really well for dry or damaged hair caused by dying, bleaching or the elements is Living Proof Restore Mask.  It  increases hair’s resistance to breakage up to nine times while healing, protecting, and preventing further damage.   It’s a bit pricey but because you are only going to use it 1-2 times a week, a bottle lasts a long time.   I was told by my stylist to mix a drop of this with my conditioner every time, especially because my hair has been bleached and dyed so many times it can use some healing.   

So tell me what are your favorite beauty products right now? What clothing or accessories are you dreaming about?
What is your favorite mascara for long lashes?   Please give me recommendations, I’m looking for a new mascara!


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