November Swap: Baby, Keep Me Warm

Hi Friends, Happy Friday!
First, thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday, you sure know how to make a girl feel special.  Come on over this afternoon, I saved you  a cupcake. πŸ™‚

It’s that time again – Swap time!

October’s Halloween Hot Drink Swap was so much fun.  I received multiple emails from Swappers saying how much of a good time they had with this Swap and how sending out and receiving a little Swap package in the mail sure  made them smile.  I for one had a blast and received amazing goodies from Shashi and Amy.  I send you both such big hugs while enjoying my new teas and cookies! 

So let’s swap again!

It’s getting cold out, I’ve been wearing hats and big sweaters.  In some parts  of the country it’s been snowing!   So November’s Swap is.. Baby, Keep Me Warm!


You will send your partner:
A variety (At least 7 bags of tea) of hot drinks to try (Ideas: tea bags, loose tea, hot cocoa mixes, coffee mixes) 
Something to Keep Them Warm (Max Price: $10) (Ideas: Cozy Socks, Mittens, Candle,  Pillow, Tea Mug, A warm dinner’s worth of ingredients.)
Something Written saying Hello!


How it works:
You sign up here. Sign ups end November 2.
I will send out a email with swap partners by Nov 5.  You and your partner contact one another and exchange mailing addresses over email.
You send each other the swap contents.
You become friends for life.

Anyone can sign up – but you will only be paired with someone in  your own country.  US to US, Canada to Canada, Australia to Australia, UK to UK, etc.  If no one signs up from your country, then you don’t have to swap. 
Your swap must be sent out by Nov 15
Brooklyn Farm Girl is not held responsible for swaps not sent or received.

I’ll meet you guys by the fire!  Have a great weekend!





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