DIY Loft Bed

2015, I’m coming for you!   I’ve already checked off a few things off my list.  I know it’s January 5 and it will slow down, but I’m so happy 2 big things are out of the way… new bed and new closet! WOOOOH!

We needed a new bed.  It’s not that our bed was bad, but it just wasn’t right for us.  We bought it a few years ago without Matthew even testing it out.  It did it’s job for a few years but then we both started to get lower back pain.  We needed something more comfy and we needed something larger.  I know you’re thinking we’re only 2 people, yes but we’re 2 people and 4 cats, do you how much room that takes up?  I mean have you seen a cat sleep? Each of them spread out to 5 feet long.  

In November we went on a trip to Cleveland and we stayed at a beautiful hotel (review coming soon) that had the most comfortable bed.  The first night we slept in for hours!  After a few days Matthew’s back pain started to go away.  So we did what we had to do, we stripped the sheets off down to the mattress and wrote down the model.  One day back in NYC, we made our way to the mattress store and found the bed and bought it.  

So there we were, with the most comfortable king size mattress, but no bed frame.

We looked online for bed frames and it seemed like everything we loved was thousands of dollars.  I wanted something big and light colored. Our room is rather dark so this would be the perfect opportunity to lighten it up.  But again, the prices – ugh!  So then Matthew said “I’m going to make us a bed”.  I trust Matthew, he’s built our farmhouse table, all of our storage, walls and as a kid he would build houses with his dad.  Even though still slightly worried I gave him the green light.   I don’t know how he did it, but he built, painted and transported this bed from studio to home in 4 days.    I nearly cried (ok maybe I did) when I first saw it in our bedroom.  It’s the nicest piece of furniture I’ve ever owned before!  

King Size Loft Bed DIY_3

King Size Loft Bed DIY

King Size Loft Bed DIY_7

King Size Loft Bed DIY_4

The bed is giant and is on a beautiful platform.   It’s almost 3 feet off the ground which means you have to climb into it.  The bed swallows you and you feel like a kid getting in – it’s great.   The bed frame is equally big and is a staple piece when you walk into the bedroom.  We decided to go with a soft white stain which was the perfect choice (always happy when that works out!).

We both read while in bed so we needed new lights.  We needed some type of light that could float or be attached to the bed, so after Pinterest viewing I found the idea of getting 2 clamp lights (really cheap), painting them a aqua color and clamping them to the bed.  I love them!

King Size Loft Bed DIY_2

The lights have LED bulbs in them so they never are ever hot. It still amazes me every time I check it. 
King Size Loft Bed DIY_5

Our home has lots of yellow, aqua and lilac purple accents to it.  For example, those are our dining room chair colors.  I wanted to bring this into the bedroom a bit, so I got some soft lilac sheets to use with our white comforters. 

King Size Loft Bed DIY_1

King Size Loft Bed DIY_6

Oh and if you didn’t realize… the cats love it!  Even though the bed is much bigger now, Bofinkles still sleeps on my head and Xanadu still sleeps on my knees.  Imagine that. 😉



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