Must Have Halloween Decorations

Halloween is near! Are you excited? I am! Yup, it’s time to dress in all black with your Halloween socks and bags! Its always Halloween in my heart! #halloween

Right now we’re in the process of getting all the Halloween decorations out of storage and start to put them up around the house.  Right now I have a great spooky face on our front door, ghost lights hung by the window (that Goblin wants to knock down so bad), Caution! tape up on the walls and a spooky ghost that sits on the floor (that Goblin wants to knock down so bad). Don’t you love these giant googly eyes I found? IMG_20151008_115447  

Lately I’ve been browsing the aisles trying to find the next Halloween decoration to add to our overflowing collection.  A few days ago I found this amazing light up ghost so I texted it to Matthew but he texted back way too slow and I was already out of the store.  I can’t stop thinking about that ghost so I think I’m going to have to head back and get it. You love Halloween too, right? I mean you have to because we’re friends.  That’s why I want you to get in the Halloween spirit so we can just chat it up about how decorating our homes, or how I like to call it: get your spookify on. Here’s some of my most wanted items right now.



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