My Morning Meditation Chill Out

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Lately I’ve been dealing with some afternoon anxiety, the kind that creeps up on you suddenly when you’re working too hard, multitasking between jobs forgetting to breathe.    I’ve always done too much for work, and too little for me, so I’m trying to learn a little bit at a time why it’s really important to take a minute and chill.

Last year after coming to the full realization that life isn’t about purely about work (hard to believe, I still struggle with this) I started to try to make more time for myself, even if it meant 5 minutes of sitting in the quiet section of the studio staring at the wall, while doing some simple breathing exercises.   Eventually I started to get to into meditation, where I even participated in a group setting.  I started to explore meditation more, and even though I fell off the wagon for a few months, I’m trying to get back on as it was super successful in helping me deal with stress.   How to Destress In the Afternoon_3

Now in the mornings when I wake up, I feed the cats first, and then while they’re eating, I take 10 minutes to drink a cup of Folgers instant coffee while listening to a meditation app on my phone.  This is time to try to clear my head for the day.  I find that having a clear mind to start the day generally makes me put in a better mood and also helps me wake up more clearly.   How to Destress In the Afternoon_4

How to Destress In the Afternoon_1

There are lots of great Meditation Apps out there but the ones I prefer are Meditation Music, Insight Timer and Stop Manic & Anxiety.   Some of them are music (great for the morning) while others are full guided meditation sessions.  If I have 20 or 30 minutes I’ll try to do a guided session in a dark room to really help me relax.  It works wonders!
How to Destress In the Afternoon 

Eventually I want to work up the courage to attend a Meditation retreat that lasts on average for a week, but I need some more practice to get there.   How to Destress In the Afternoon_2

I’d love to hear how you guys deal with the stresses of life and how often you make “me time”.   Let me know in the comments! If you want to wake up with Folgers Instant coffee, make sure to check out Folgers Recipes too. Cookies always make me feel better. 🙂 How to Destress In the Afternoon_5

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  • Before I even get out of bed I do a mini meditation, I put my hands over my eyes and say the words, ‘Connect & Seal’ over and over. I try to keep my breathing steady and ensure that no light is coming in too. I find it a really beautiful way to get your energy and positive vibes going and you feel connected to the universe. Bit spooky I guess, but it really works. Happy meditating my friend, dont let the stress get you. 🙂

  • I’ve read that people who take just a few minutes for themselves in the morning have a much more productive – and happier – day. I love having my cup of coffee in the morning & you’ve inspired me to SIT DOWN with it… instead of diving right into my day. PS Folgers coffee is a great brand. I’n gonnna put their instant coffee on my shopping list for days when I just need a coffee N.O.W. !!!!
    And, due to my broken ankle, my grocery shopping is being done on my laptop and delivered by Pea Pod!! ; o )

    • Hey Cecile, that’s a bummer about your ankle! Here’s to hoping that a little morning time for yourself heals it faster!

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