Monday – Friday Breakfast Schedule – What do you eat?

I don’t really like to get out of bed when my alarm goes off.  For one it’s still Summer and the air conditioner is on and I don’t feel like braving 90 degrees today.  For another, I’m tired and I want to sleep in 2 more hours. And most importantly I’m usually surrounded by my cuddle bears who try to lure me back to sleep with their soft purrs and gentle paw taps.  Xanadu is like “Come back to me Mom..”
King Size Loft Bed DIY_1

But I have to get up to work because if I don’t who’s going to pay for cat food and catnip for 5 cats?  Oh yeah, and student loans.
So I’ve decided to take you on a journey from Monday through Friday for breakfast time. 
It goes something like this:
Alarm clock goes off, Toes jumps on the bed, I try to roll out of bed not wanting to wake up Xanadu or Bofinkles who are stretched out on me.  As soon as my foot hits the floor Toes jumps down, Goblin follows and Brother jumps out of the closet.  I open the bedroom door and my super furry friends run out the door before me.  I head to the bathroom, take my vitamins and brush my teeth while the cats anxiously await their breakfast. Usually this results with a cat on the sink as if I don’t hear them meowing on the floor. Then I walk out and open the cat food cabinet which really gets them going.  I load their bowls full of wet food, Goblin first with his medicine.   Then the cats chow down and act like they’ve been starving all night.  I also add a bowl of hard food but they always ignore that.  Then I turn on hot water for tea, head to my computer to check email quickly, pick up my tea and a quick breakfast I grab from the fridge/cabinet and chow down quickly, usually over more email or a quick Instagram view.  After that, I throw my shoes on first (weird, I know) and then I pick my outfit out based on my shoes.  I throw on my rings, necklace, pack up my bookbag, grab the litter I scooped out,  give the cats kisses goodbye, and head to the studio on my scooter.

Whew, now it’s time to work.. or grab another cup of tea as soon as I get there!

So let’s look at breakfast.
I admit on most days it’s a Protein bar. I love peanut butter or s’mores variety.  It’s like eating dessert for breakfast – yum.  On busy days I’ll just grab one and take it to work to eat there.

I love a simple plain bagel heated up in the microwave for 20 seconds to get it soft.  I don’t like bagels crispy and I don’t like cream cheese, so I’m a bit of a weird bagel eater.  This is one of my favorite bagels from a local NYC bagel shop.  I load it up with raspberry jam, along with my tea and sit on the couch while surfing my email.

A morning with a few extra minutes means I get to eat with a spoon! How exciting! This is homemade vanilla granola that I’ll make when I get a few extra minutes. I serve it with some green jasmine tea and look what friends are up to on Instagram.

Did you notice my love for Born Sweet® Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener by the way? I’m a sweet with my tea kinda girl. It doesn’t matter if it’s green, black or chocolate tea. I need that sweetness.   In fact I always carry a packet (ok, a few) of Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener in my bag because it really ruins my day when I’m a coffee shop and they don’t have my sweetener of choice.  I love this sweetener because it’s zero calories.  I really get sad about drinking calories so this is a perfect fit!  It has no artificial ingredients and gives you the perfect sweet taste found in Mother Nature’s stevia plant.  Throw it in your tea, coffee, over fruit (hello cantaloupe for breakfast) or on top of a good pastry — it has a perfect hint of sweetness.

Next day, protein filled cereal along with my Cereal Killer spoon because it makes me smile.  Oh and alongside the glow of my computer because a client needs a file really fast….. Upload file, eat some cereal, upload file, eat some cereal.

And then on Saturday, we sleep in, wake up and cuddle with those kitties and take it easy. Breakfast is homemade, sometimes pancakes, sometimes waffles and on those extra great mornings homemade carrot bread served with a little sweetener on top.

Tea Party With teapigs_13

So what’s your breakfast time like?  Is it quick? Do you eat on the go? What do you make for he kids?  Are you a tea or coffee drinker? And can I come over for breakfast.. please?
Want to try Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener to give your taste buds something new and amaZING (haha) to be excited about? I hope so


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