Having fun with your house decor with color and toys!

“How many kids do you have?” might be a often asked question to strangers who enter our house.
My response “4 cats” and a smile.

Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_13

What’s surrounding me right now?
I’m lying on a carpet. I have FiFi Bofinkles next to me who’s kissing up a storm to the side of my face.  I’m resting my elbows on a smiling snowman pillow. My cup of green tea has  Mr. Messy on it.  Above me is a robot, a lion, a alien and multiple organic shaped stuffed animals with great personalities.  

Our home and our work reflects each other in so many ways.  Ever since Matthew and I have been together (since 2003!) we’ve loved extremely cute things.  This goes from books to paintings to a salt shaker because it has a face on it.  We have a army of stuffed animals, all with distinct voices and personalities, who mean the world to us.  We make them talk, we make them dance with cats, we take them around the world when we travel.  They are known as “The Family” to us.   We love personification.  If we see a plushy that really catches our heart in a store, and one of us gives it a voice and starts asking questions, then we’ll know we have to buy it.  New member of the family!  Creating a friendly and colorful home inspires us everyday, including our work.  If you take a look at our portfolio, you’ll see lots of light hearted scenes, often with characters in them, sometimes even “The Family” appears in them.  We love things that make us smile.  

In today’s post I wanted to show you a quick tour around one side of our loft and tell you it’s ok to be an adult with toys in your house! Being a adult doesn’t mean having to make your home all white, or only buying from one store, or keeping a serious tone when inside you’re raging with giggles.  Make your house you.  Make it somewhere that excites you every morning you wake up.  Just have fun. 

See that guy off to the left? The rainbow colored bird? That’s Mr. Wubba.  He’s basically our mascot in life.  He gets a Polaroid of everyone who comes to our place or we work with.  He’s a magical spirit of a man.



Here’s Wubba appearing in some of our work.

We love hanging plushies from the ceiling to make it look like they’re floating. A smiling blushing cloud hanging in the air? Doesn’t that just make you happy? We also have one of Matthew’s shaking ghosts he had as a kid.. it still works! *clap clap*

You might notice a bunch of stuffed animal portrait in the wall. Matthew shot these with 4×5 and one day the entire wall will be filled.  Want to know their names? Ok.
Top (L-R): Pink Luggz, Flapjack, Boopaloopa, Gourdo, Shudder, Froggy Girl, Octopus, Ralph
Middle  (L-R):  Mr. Sunflower, Sylvester, Mister Wubba, Chrsitmas, Grandpa Mars, Pinata, Robot, Grandpa
Bottom (L-R):  Grandpa’s Brother, Lion, Orange Crab, Mister Snake, Mr. Bear
And that big pumpkin on top of the shelf? That’s Big Mister Pumpkin.

I told you, we love our family.  Each of these characters (and many more) don’t just have names but they each have a story with them.  It’s fun to make up these stories and get creative and silly. Silly is good! Lots of times we commission artists to make family related work for us.  The painting below is “The Last Supper” done Family style.


Some of my favorite decor is both toy and functional.  Let me introduce you to Zuny! They are a lighthearted and friendly collection of useful handcrafted home accessories looking to bring a lot of rawrrrr or just a little purrrr into your life. As soon as I saw them I immediately fell in love with them due to their craftsmanship, color and fun personalities. 

The Zuny mission is to inspire people to embrace the natural elements around them and open up their imagination to a world of fun and simplicity. This is Pink Giraffe, he’s a design piece and a doorstop.  Right now I have him hanging out on a table…


But he often holds open one of my prop doors for me.

Green Frog is a book end.   Don’t you love how cute this is instead of the regular book end? Also, Green Frog is very strong.  Look at how many books he’s holding up!

This is Polar Bear, he’s a paper weight that takes his job very seriously.

I use him to hold down my phone charger wires so they don’t fall to the floor. 

This is Blue Octopus

I use him to hold down bills or put important documents under him so I keep track of what has to be done asap.  He’s good at book keeping. 

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of our colorful loving home, you’re always invited over!

And I hope you liked meeting my Zuny Crew!
Tell me what your house looks like – do you like one color or is your place like a rainbow?



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