Meet Wobbert, My Cats Favorite Toy

Wobbert brings all the boys to the yard.. and the girls… and the yard is my house.. and Wobbert has treats in his belly.. and this isn’t exactly a Kelis song but the beginning of this post was too good for me to pass up. La la-la la la.

You guys, Wobbert.  Life is all about Wobbert right now.

Remember when Tickle Me Elmo was huge and your parents stood in line for 8 hours for you so you didn’t cry on Christmas morning? I feel like if your cats find out about Wobbert, it’s going to be like that. This is honestly one of our cats favorite toys ever. How much does Toes, FiFi Bofinkles, Goblin, Brother and Xanadu love him?  I made a video so you can see.

Here were the first impressions:
Toes – a master at food in general.  Took her only a few minutes and she was throwing it down and eating up those treats.
Bofinkles – thought she could headbutt Wobbert down but eventually she got it.  She really likes eating the ears.
Goblin – rather confused by this all, didn’t really like anyone watching him,  but gave it a try. Brother, Xanadu – they were sleepy, so they were upset that Mom was dragging them out of their bed to try Wobbert.

After first impressions though it was all love. 

Let me back up a bit and tell you about how Christmas came early. The cats received their own stocking in the mail full of Friskies treats (their favorite since… forever).
Friskies Wobbert Toy

The treats came out of the stocking first.  Xanadu was already licking her chops. By the way how do cats know you have treats?  It’s one of those magical things about them.
Friskies Wobbert Toy_2

And also in the stocking was Friskies Pull ’n Play Combo Pack along with a few packs of Pull ‘n Play string treats which are the first edible string treat. These Edible string treats come in 3 flavors:  Chicken & Cheese Flavor,   Salmon & Shrimp Flavor and Tuna & Crab Flavor. Friskies Wobbert Toy_1

Immediately Goblin was like, “What do you got there?”
Friskies Wobbert Toy_4

“No seriously, Mother, what do you got there?”
Friskies Wobbert Toy_5

“Hrmmm interesting, let’s give it a shot”.
Friskies Wobbert Toy_3

So I told him the rules.  Wobbert is a fun toy that both dispenses yummy treats and gives your cats play time.  You put the Party Mix treats in his belly and put the Pull n’ Play string through his head so it pops out his ears.   Friskies Wobbert Toy_6

Honestly, I think I’m in love with Wobbert too.  How cute is he (yes, ours is a boy)?
Friskies Wobbert Toy_8

As soon as the treats were inserted Bofinkles showed up to show everyone who was boss.   “Ok, who is this Wobbert, and why does he have funny (and tasty) ears?”
Friskies Wobbert Toy_9

And then she ate half of his ears.
Friskies Wobbert Toy_10

And then Goblin showed up to try to get a nibble on his ear too.
Friskies Wobbert Toy_11

And then Bofinkles was like “Put the camera away because I’m about to go wild”. Friskies Wobbert Toy_12

Eventually Toes showed up.  Toes is our baby but she’s a big Maine Coon with a strong appetite.  At that time noone still pushed Wobbert down to get the treats out.  Toes marched in and showed everyone how it was done.
Friskies Wobbert Toy_17

“Let me show you Goblin!”

“Ears bitten, treats gone, mission accomplished.  Let’s play again Wobbert”. Friskies Wobbert Toy_18

I was still in the cat game spirit so I also tried to get my cats involved with the interactive Wobbert game that you can load from your computer or tablet.  Does anyone else try to teach their cats computers?   Friskies Wobbert Toy_14

Xanadu immediately sat up when I showed her the screen and plotted the end of Wobbert. Siamese.. they’re evil. Friskies Wobbert Toy_16

And then she rolled around and didn’t seem to intimidate Wobbert at all with her technique. Friskies Wobbert Toy_15

Nice try Xanadu.

If you have a cat please get them one of these for Christmas.  If you have 3 cats get every single one of them a Wobbert.  They’ll love it. I promise you. 

.Friskies Wobbert Toy_7

And now Goblin, alright already.  I’ll give you what you really want… the box. 


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  • Oh i want one of these for LC! She hasn’t done anything particularly funny other than the usual cat antics (sleeping in the basket of blankets, etc)…she’s had a hard year, as she was diagnosed with IBD and the steroid treatment doesn’t seem to be helping. She’s still in a good mood though and has been trying very hard to tolerate my son constantly screaming in her face. He gets very excited when he sees kitty 🙂

  • How have they been naughty? Oh boy. Mavin somehow always gets into the meat that’s left out to defrost for dinner. Rocket likes jumping on and skidding across tables and knocking stuff down. They all try to steal the kitten’s milk. Tiny jumps on the bookcase and knocks down my figurines. I could go on forever.

  • I have two cats and one of them has serious allergies. We have had her in the cone of shame for a few months – along with steroids and allergy shots 🙁 Right after she first had to start wearing the cone, she managed to get it off IN THE LITTERBOX and poop on it :/ So, she told us how she felt about it.
    I have tried one of these treat toys a few years ago and my cats were not amused. They don’t like working for food! But this one looks like it might work a little better, and your cats do seem to enjoy it!

  • The boys were all extra naughty when we had our bed in the living room during our renovation, but for the most part they’ve been sweeties this year. Charlie is a little naughty (sinking his claws into anything he can find for starts) but it’s Chester that’s been the most mischievous. Any drawer or drawer he sees, he has to open it. I normally come home to everythign open in the kitchen!

  • My Desiree is naughty every year because she’s always scratching my couch or bed and she also loves to grab a hold of things or knock stuff down. Yesterday I came home to find a fork that had been on the drain board in the kitchen sitting in the middle of the hallway, so I know she knocked it down and then batted it into the hall. She’s also been known to remove the drain stopper form the sink (picks it up in her teeth) and then bats that around.

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