Meet Toes, She’s a Food Monster!

Review of Purina Muse Natural Cat Food from my beautiful Maine Coon cat, Toes. She’s a food monster with good tastes!

Oh, Toes, our beautiful girl.  You’re such a food monster.  
Need evidence?  Enjoy a feeding session with Toes (and Bofinkles!).

You might have seen some pictures of Toes on Instagram or a sneak peek of her in a few posts.  Well I’m here to say… this is Toes!
Toes Stuck

Toes was found on the streets here in Brooklyn by a friend.  Flyers were posted in the neighborhood and profiles went up online on missing cat websites but noone reported her missing.  We are stumped on how Toes got out on the street.  With time ticking with her soon to be shipped off to a possible kill shelter,  we swooped in and adopted her.   It was a nervous choice considering we already have 4 cats. I went up and down about it, I cried multiple times, what if the dynamic of the cats would change, what if Toes wasn’t a great fit, blah blah, crying more.  But when I visited her one night at midnight in our first meeting I fell in love. The next morning she moved in.

Toes is 1 years old and a beautiful Maine Coon.  Her hair is growing already for the Winter with a beautiful white mane around her neck.  We didn’t think she was a young cat until she quickly gained a few pounds in a few short months.  Then we realized she was just a young cat growing into her full Maine Coon body.  

You guys, Toes is awesome. She’s a giant love bug.  Almost immediately she was our best friend.  As soon as she came out of her carrier she was purring at us demanding love.  That first night she jumped up into our high bed.  Every night since she’s done the same thing, always landing with Toe’s now recognized squeak of a voice.   She’s a family cat, she wants to be near you all the time.  She loves all the cats.  Her and Goblin chase each other with toys until the lights are shut off for the night, and then they continue to have fun.


We were worried about getting Toes making this a 5 cat family but in the end we lucked out with a best friend of a cat.  We already love her so much!  Plus we love that she’s weird. 

Want to know something else about Toes? This is probably her biggest personality characteristic.  She’s hungry. All the time. Toes isn’t picky about her food but her favorite right now is  Purina Muse Natural Cat Food.  When I found it in PetSmart and brought it home, I swear she smelled it through the bag.   She must love food that is high quality, natural and has a great taste.   She loves this food. So much. She turns into Toes the Monster as soon as you tiptoe out of bed.  She wakes up and appears on your chest with those big eyes saying “Its morning! Time to feed me! I’m excited, are you?!”. Then you’ll leave the bedroom, tripping over Toes, until you finally put that wet food down in front of her.   Then she’s in food ecstasy.  That lasts for a little bit until a few hours later when she hungrily starts to hunt you down whenever you get up and walk. “Are you walking to the other side of the loft? Well I better come with you because I think it might be food time.  Oh, it’s not.  Ok, I’ll come back with you and I’ll repeat this until you get the hint.”.  Toes, she loves food.   Whenever I put Muse on her plate she licks it clean, and will continue circling it a few hundred times licking it more just in case. With Muse you don’t have to choose between natural nutrition and food that tastes great. Your cat can have both when you choose Muse.  When you  see it on the shelves you’ll know that it won’t be a hard choice with Muse.   

Purina Muse® Natural Cat Food comes in wet recipes such as Chowder, in Broth, with Toppers, in Gravy and Paté.  Our cats favorites are the Chowder and anything with gravy. All recipes are made with real fish or poultry, 100% complete for a happy and balanced diet for adult cats.  Plus there’s 24 grain free varieties, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Oh and there’s 30 delicious natural nutrition recipes. Don’t you love it? Natural has never been so delicious. Put Muse to the test with our clean plate guarantee. 

Toes was a good girl so I stocked her up on some of everything.

Toes is a monster but sometimes she’s elegant too. Have you ever seen a cat eat with her paws?  Yup, sometimes she does it when she’s sharing a bowl. What a lady!

Eating With Toes The Cat_4

I’m sorry Goblin, I swear the next cat post will be about you.  And yes, you can have some food too! Now don’t look so grumpy.
Eating With Toes The Cat_2

Tell me in the comments about what dinner (or breakfast) time is like in your house with cats and dogs.  Tell me how much you love Toes too!  


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