4 Minute Meals For Busy Days

Do you ever feel like you are playing catch up and even though you check a few things off on your list, somehow a few more things get added so you feel like you’re at the same spot?   Me too.

This week is busy.  Real busy.    We got home from a trip on Sunday afternoon so the week prior and this week has just been go, go, go!

Right now we’re working on lots of new projects, lots of new blog posts and there’s the garden which is full growing mode right now! Yesterday our day was so packed we got home and had to pick onions and tomatoes as it started to get dark.    I used my phone as a flashlight to pick tomatoes… is that a first?  

With busy schedules sometimes you need a quick meal to grab for breakfast and lunch.    You just want to roll out of bed, open the freezer and have it ready in 4 minutes.  That way you can run out the door into the  humidity to get to work as soon as possible (hello air conditioning!).

Here’s 4 meals below that we’ve had today for both breakfast and lunch.    Check them out and then read below… you might be in for a surprise!

Matthew’s breakfast and lunch:
Frozen Food Foundation_1

Frozen Food Foundation_2 

My breakfast and lunch:
Frozen Food Foundation_3

Frozen Food Foundation_4  

Are you ready for the big surprise?  Are you super ready?

Ok…. This is all frozen food!



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  • I ALWAYS feel this way. In fact, this weekend, I was too busy to even write a to-do list. Ack! I love the idea of frozen food that’s still fresh. I always have a Newman’s Own pizza in my freezer for the nights when I just can’t stand the thought of standing up any more after being at work all day. So much better than take-out!

  • Why do the weeks seem busy, while the weekends are even busier?! I love that these foods are frozen meals, totally wouldn’t have guessed that. I do love the Healthy Choice meals and often bring them to work for a quick meal every so often.

  • Gah, its been too long since I last visited you Pamela! Everything has changed!! Love it though, clean and pumpkiny-good (though I do miss the cats).
    Back to this post – great info for us busy folks! I tend to forget about looking in the frozen food aisle as I always have fresh stuff leftover, but now that I’m travelling (with no kitchen most of the time, or just a microwave at a hostel) it is very tempting to save money by buying frozen stuff! That French bread pizza? Yum. I can understand Matthew’s cheesy bliss! xx

  • Oh your breakie and lunches look delish, Im starving right now so this post is making my tum grumble. My 4min freezer go too is usually a slow cooked meal or rissotto i made too much of. Never really enjoyed the prepackaged stuff.

  • Yes, catch up is an hourly chore! I really really like your lunch and am going to have to check that out. They don’t look old or stale or freezer burned at all! My favorite four minute meal is Mexican fajitas with leftovers (thank goodness for freezers and leftovers!)

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