Mary’s Special Ingredients Box Review

Recently I got to review a box of MARY’s secret ingredients (MSI).  MSI is a limited edition culinary surprise box containing unique gourmet, artisanal ingredients along with small kitchen products.  Each season, a box of surprise goodies will be delivered to your door to enjoy.  If you don’t know what to do with the products, don’t worry as each ingredient in the box will be used in a recipe on the LOVE blog.  

I love box ideas because 1) I really like surprise gifts in the mail.  2) I love to discover new snacks and cooking items.  Getting a new sauce or herb will make me think outside of my regular kitchen box and be creative.      Also I love that 10% of profits get donated to Feed The Children Organization.

If you’re interested sign up at Mary’s Secret Ingredients.  For all the gourmet products I got it’s well worth the $25.95 price tag as I know how much this stuff costs in the store!  Sign up for the Summer box, Autumn box or Winter box or go crazy and treat yourself to all 3.  This makes a awesome gift as well, so think of upcoming foodie friends birthdays or anniversaries!  They will love you for it!  My birthday is October 24, so you know. 😉

Let’s look at the box!  With my 2 helpers.. Xanadu and Goblin!

MARY’s secret ingredients
First up, it’s wrapped beautifully and very organized!

MARY’s secret ingredients _1
I was already oohing and ahhing.  How long did these wafer cookies last in my kitchen? Less than 24 hours.  The next day I went for a wafer cookie and they were GONE.  The packaging was GONE.  I texted Matthew “WHERE ARE THE WAFERS!!!!!”.  He texted me that he ate the rest during the middle of the night.  I was heart broken.  Seriously. 

MARY’s secret ingredients _3
These applewood smoked meats were also delicious.  They lasted 2 days I think.  I would totally buy these if I saw them in the store!

MARY’s secret ingredients _2
A big jar of fresh oregano that smells as good as you think it does!

MARY’s secret ingredients _5
Probably the highlight of the box for me (ok besides the wafer cookies) is this peppermint tea.  Peppermint tea is one of my favs to enjoy and calm down with.

MARY’s secret ingredients _6
Even better is that it’s made right here in Brooklyn by Calmer Sutra Teas!

MARY’s secret ingredients _7
These were little pieces of cheeses that had a hint of spice to it.  

MARY’s secret ingredients _8
This was a delicious brine that has me bursting with ideas! Goblin is pretty excited too.

MARY’s secret ingredients _9
So go ahead and put some LOVE in your cooking!

I hope you go ahead and try a box out, I really think you will love it!


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