Making Birthday Boxes for Kids Who Need Them

I think it’s fitting that before Thanksgiving this is a post saying thanks and helping out others. I found out about the Birthday Gift Project from looking on the Create the Good website.  The website allows you to enter your zip code and gives you ways to give back to your Community from searching in your area, in your state or doing work from home. Honestly, I haven’t done much charity work in person.  It makes me feel like an awful person. I always look at those people who volunteer 2 times a week with such envy.  I’ve always wanted to volunteer at an animal shelter but I know deep down inside I wouldn’t be strong enough. Maybe you can handle that, or maybe you’re good at talking to seniors, or maybe you’d do great at a phone bank for getting food donations, or maybe you’d be great at helping make a kid smile at a distance or providing a school a new dictionary. 

The Birthday Giving Project is designed to give kids a birthday party that their families might not be able to afford. These boxes go to children in need, including a large amount going to kids in battered women shelters. The idea is to put in the box party supplies for them to celebrate a small party as well as a little gift to make them smile. Then you wrap it up and send it to the Charity who forwards it to the kid who has a birthday soon. You will help these families by providing a small “party in a box” for a child in need and at the same time gives children with “more” the opportunity to learn empathy in a concrete way by helping another child.

As soon as I heard about this opportunity I went out on the same day and got my box supplies ready. I mixed and matched the party supplies to try to make it as colorful and festive as possible.  A little goes a long way here and everything counts.  If you can only buy $10 worth the supplies, that’s totally amazing and you’re awesome.  If you can buy $25 worth of supplies and gifts, you’re equally amazing. 

Now time to get the birthday box together!  


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