Loft Living With Our New Reading Nook!

Do you remember a few weeks ago I posted about designing a reading nook?  Well it’s done and I couldn’t be more happy!  Thanks to everyone for suggestions on their favorite items to pick. It was  hard tossup on so many things, I think I changed my mind about the couch and the rug 88 times but finally decided!  So then I spent the next few weeks waiting for the delivery guys hoping they’d have my goodies!  The couch was last to arrive, but as soon as we unboxed it – I was set!  The reading nook was all ready to be snuggled into.

As a reminder here is what I wanted:
A cozy spot of our loft to curl up and disappear from work and life for a few minutes (or hours).
A place that I could read and drink many cups of tea.
With the winter coming up, somewhere extra cozy that was warm! Pillows and blankets!
Couch, Rug, Table, Light were the necessities. 
The rug needed to be super warm as we have concrete floors.  They are extremely cold in the winter. 

Are you ready? Here it is!   Not only am I love with my nook but you’ll see below all the cats love it too.   I’m constantly fighting with them to move over on the couch.  Isn’t it funny how a 8 pound cat can take up as much space (if not more) than a human?
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook


Can you spot Goblin?
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_15

We have a bright and colorful home so I really wanted furniture to match that personality.  I love mixing and matching colors.  Totally didn’t plan on this and just noticed it but the lamp, couch and table match our farmhouse table’s chairs!
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_3

I told you, the cats love this area.
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_13

Now let’s talk about all the furniture and items. I wanted modern design, colorful furniture, but still for it appear comfortable and functionable.   As soon as I saw this Blu Dot Perimeter Floor Lamp I knew I needed.  I splurged a little bit with this piece because it’s such a showcase piece, everyone wants to talk about the light when you see it. I also double splurged here because I found out it came in neon yellow (compared to the original which is bright blue).  I needed that extra pop of color.  The lamp shade on this was much larger than I expected but that made it even better.   I love that the switch is on the floor so you can just tap it on with a touch of your cozy socks.
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_1

  Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_2  

Next up, the couch! I didn’t know what type of couch I should get.  Should I get a lounge? Should I get a chair?  Eventually I ended up with this Skyline Furniture Tufted Settee Loveseat.  I loved how it was designed and of course it sold me again with it’s color options.  We got the gauze purple color which is a subtle pastel purple.   The couch is pretty much always taken occupied with me or a cat.  
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_4

Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_6

 Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_5  

For the table I really loved how the Coast to Coast Imports One Drawer Cabinet had that shabby chic worn look to it.  Again, the color!  The blue color is so bright in person.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture I ever owned, I just love how it looks.  The table itself has a draw but it also has a pull out tray that can be used for a plate of cookies or a cup of tea.  The necessities you know? 
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_10

I added a Zuny Giraffe on top, along with a blue mason jar of flowers (they’re fake! but they look real!).
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_7

Right now I’m reading The Girls of Atomic City (it’s great!).  Featured here is one of my favorite mugs that says Grandpa on it (a nickname for us, named after our stuffed animals The Grandpas). Matthew bought this for me a few years ago.  
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_8

I’m obsessed with our rug. More or less than Goblin is, I’m not sure.  The rug is Noble House Jewel Black/Red Rug and it’s so soft, fluffy and comfy.  Every single night we tend to end up sitting on the rug with the kitties.  It’s so soft on the body and feet and keeps us warm when curled up on it. 
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_11

Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_14

It’s a hit with Bofinkles too…
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_12

But Goblin really loves it.
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_20

Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_16

Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_18

To give it that extra cozy feeling I added some fun pillows and a Kennebunk Home Camelot Decorative Throw to it which is so warm to curl up with.  For the pillows I wanted fun designs so I threw on the DENY Designs Garima Dhawan Polyester Throw Pillow and a Halloween pillow that my friend Natalie got for us last year. 
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_17

When I wake up in the morning, I usually grab a tea, a fruit bar, my laptop and check email.  There’s also a few cats that stop by!
Brooklyn Loft Living Reading Nook_9

 Thank you again for all your suggestions for this project!  Hopefully this inspired you to get a comfy area to call your own!


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