January Tomato Harvest…. WHAT?!

Yup, the title is correct.  We picked tomatoes in January.   It’s crazy!

If you live in the Northeast then you probably have witnessed this confusing “Winter” weather.    Usually in November you can feel the weather start to change but this year it didn’t hit.  Then December came and I thought “Well, now it’s going to feel like Winter”.  And on a few days, it did.  But the majority of the days did not feel like Winter.  Oh Christmas Eve we took a walk, me in short sleeves and Matthew in shorts.  It was in the 70’s!  ON CHRISTMAS EVE. I have to type that in caps to understand the craziness.  December set temperature records across NYC, including Christmas day.   Now it’s the beginning of January and I think it’s finally starting to feel like Winter. Winter, are you here? It’s me, Pamela.  Snow if you can hear me. 

Because of the lack of near frost temperatures and our schedule getting busy, this year we didn’t cut down our tomato plants like we usually do at the beginning of November.  There were still some green tomatoes on the plants and the weather was still changing daily so we left the plants up.  November came, December came, and the tomato plants stayed up.  During the Winter we don’t visit the garden everyday so you can imagine my surprise when I checked it out one day and I saw all these tomatoes on the plants!   Can you believe it?  I thought the plants would be dead by now, but instead they’ve been on the roof making tomatoes! What busy plants…!
Picking Tomatoes in January_4

So with it finally feeling like Winter (40 degrees out today) and seeing the upcoming night time temperatures I took a basket to the garden this weekend and picked pounds of tomatoes.  I can’t believe we were able to pick tomatoes in the beginning of January!
Picking Tomatoes in January_9

Picking Tomatoes in January_2

Picking Tomatoes in January_3

Picking Tomatoes in January_10

Picking Tomatoes in January_11

Picking Tomatoes in January_8

Picking Tomatoes in January_12

Picking Tomatoes in January_1

Picking Tomatoes in January_13

The green tomatoes will go into a shoe box in the closet where they’ll turn red in a few weeks.    We really don’t need more tomato sauce (we have so much!) but I’ll never turn down anything we grow….! 

The tomatoes aren’t the only confused plants in the garden, peppers have been growing too!
Picking Tomatoes in January_6
Picking Tomatoes in January_7

Picking Tomatoes in January_14

And the rose bushes are blooming…
Picking Tomatoes in January_15

And while we’re in the garden I’ll show you how the kale is doing.  Matthew made a incredible kale and potato dinner last week that I’m going to ask him to make again so I can share the recipe.
Picking Tomatoes in January_16

Picking Tomatoes in January_18

Hope you enjoyed this unexpected visit to the garden! How’s your garden?  Anything still growing?


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