Best Vacuum for Cats

Best vacuum for cats! Here’s my review of the Dirt Devil 360 Degree Reach Pro Pet Vacuum!

I live in a furry home.  
My kids have paws, fur, tiny little toes that pitter patter when they chase balls, and they cuddle with purrs.  My kids rule.  Most of you who read this blog or follow me on Instagram know I’m a #catlady.  I love cats, I love them all, the entire cat population is my best friend.  

Did you know we have 5 cats?  You might have thought we had 4, but in July we adopted a new girl who needed a immediate home.  I’ll do a entire post on her because she’s awesome. Her name is Toes and she’s a sweet heart x a million.

And here’s our baby doll family.  FiFi Bofinkles creeping at the top, Brother Bear on the couch, Goblin on the middle table, Toes lounging on the floor and Xanadu on the farmhouse table.
cat family 01_1

The house dynamic goes something like this: Xanadu is Queen and Goblin is Prince, while Brother is King because nooone will touch him.  Here’s Queen and Prince.
cat family 02

And here’s King Brother.  He’s actually a sweetheart and is scared of many things, but because he’s a big Maine Coon he has authority.
Happy I'm home from work! #brother #mainecoon #blackcat #love #catlady

Did you notice something about Goblin and Brother?  Ok they’re cute, I know.  But what else?  Yup, they’re furry balls.  Complete furballs.  A brushing with Goblin leads to this:
Furminated all the kitties today. Surprisingly Xanadu always has the most fur that comes off. Goblin just lies on the floor upside down because he enjoys it so much. Then he rolls around in everyone's fur. #goblin #cats #cat #persiancat #Persian #fluf

And he loves every minute of a good brushing. “Keep going Mom, a little to the right.  Oh yeah, now let me bite the brush.”.
Oh yeah, right there, thats the spot. #goblin #cats #cat #persiancat #Persian #fluffy #fluffball #kitten #furry #catsofinstagram #greycat #persiancatsofinstagram #meow #petsofinstagram #goblinthecat #follow #catlovers #instacat #ilovemycat #bestmeow #bes

So can you imagine our home gets a little furry? Ok, it really gets furry.  I swear I vacuum and sweep and then I walk arond an hour later and there’s balls of fur flying by me like it’s the Wild West.   And you know what,  the cats don’t even feel guilty about this.

Bofinkles, you left some fur near your toes.  Can you clean it up?
Furry Cats and Hair Everywhere_1

Bofinkles, are you listening to me?  Help me clean up.
Furry Cats and Hair Everywhere_2

“Ignoring you.” – Bofinkles.
Furry Cats and Hair Everywhere_3

And Toes isn’t any better.
Furry Cats and Hair Everywhere_4

And Goblin doesn’t even try to hide it.  Let me just lay right behind this big piece of fur and not care.
Furry Cats and Hair Everywhere_9

Vacuuming is like a daily event.  Remember when vacuums were heavy? Remember when people went door to door selling vacuums?  That was wild.  Remember when Mom needed help carrying the vacuum up the stairs?  Now they’re light.  I am Miss Weak Arms and even I can lug one around.

With lots of furry critters, I need a vacuum that is pet friendly.  I’ve learned over the years that just because it’s a vacuum doesn’t mean it will be great for pets.  Cats are messy (even though they will roll their eyes at me) so I need a vacuum that will help me with their spills (Spills?  Have you ever watched a cat eat wet food?  Put a lobster bib on cats!) and shedding.  

Let me introduce to you my best friend, Dirt Devil 360° Reach.   It’s such a fancy friend it even comes with it’s own easy carrying case.
Furry Cats and Hair Everywhere

The Dirt Devil 360° Reach comes with all the bells and whistles needed to keep our loft clean and fur tumbleweeds away.  Can you say I’m equipped for World War Fur?   4 in 1 Stick Vac,  vacuum and dust tools, upholstery tool, 27ft power cord, reusable quick-rinse filter, crevice tool, pivoting extension tool (amazing, life changing) and more.  You can basically clean your floors, ceilings, ceiling fan and hard to reach top of shelf areas in minutes. You won’t even break a sweat.
Furry Cats and Hair Everywhere_11


Many of the tools are equipped with microfiber pads that tackle dust and dirt at the same time.

And my favorite tool. Call me lame, but goodness, a good ceiling fan cleaner knows how to woo me.  How often do you clean your ceiling fan? Don’t lie to me.  Weekly? Liar.  We have 12 foot ceilings so you can imagine how often we clean ours.  Never.  But now it’s so darn easy. Ready or not ceiling fan, here I come, you can’t hide… I’m going to get youuuu and make you cleaaaaan.
Furry Cats and Hair Everywhere_15

And because our furniture and rugs probably get the worst of it,  the Dirt Devil 360° Reach stairs and upholstery tool saves the day.   I clean the couch about 3 times a week with this tool and then immediately a cat jumps on it and rolls around on it. Thanks babe.

So grab your cat brushes, gather your cats into a loving circle, brush them until they’re satisfied and your arm is tired and then don’t worry because cleaning up is going to be a breeze.
photo 3.JPG




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