Food Blogger YOGA 3 Pro Laptop Review

First, I’m so happy to make this post because I’m giving away a Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro Laptop (worth 1,499.99) to one of my readers.   Please make sure to enter because I know you’ll love it as much as I do!  Now keep reading….

There’s a photo of me taken once.  I’m at a party, dressed like Hello Kitty sitting on a couch.  Sitting on my lap isn’t a drink, it’s a laptop.  I’m on a laptop at a party dressed like Hello Kitty.  If we had some cats sprawled out on my lap too it would be the perfect description of my life.

My laptop is one of my best friends, I can’t live without it.   It goes to work with me, it travels with me on flights, it goes to bed with me, it helps me in the kitchen, it inspires me, it lets me create films and animations and it lets me communicate with you guys on Brooklyn Farm Girl.  It’s the perfect fit for my artist + blogger + cat  mama lifestyle. 

 Are you guys ready to meet my BFF? Ok, here she is (yes, it’s a girl).  Her name is Computer!  She enjoys tea and cats too.  Of course my beloved Essy is on my desktop photo. 🙂


Shes’s quite sophisticated with her modern hinge.   The hinge was inspired by a watch, and features 813 hand-assembled pieces of aluminum and steel.

And the keyboard is soft, quiet and feels nice on fingers and paws. Plus, I love the cushioning that surrounds it, perfect for resting your hands. 

Why I love my Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro is because it transitions to help me on so  many levels everyday.  This is a laptop that I can throw in my bag to take to the studio.  There I’ll cut together videos, Skype with clients and write endless emails.   Then I’m able to take it home, load up notepad and create a new recipe.  From there I’ll use it to upload my recipe photos, log into to WordPress and create the post.  It’s also amazing for entertainment with the flip-and-fold design.  I’ll often take a moment out of the afternoon to watch the next big cat video online while drinking a cup of tea.  In bed I can watch NBA TV or The Good Wife until I fall asleep.

So let’s see a average day that I spend with my BFF.

First of all, I love how it syncs to other computers.  That means I can copy my settings from another Windows computer.  When setting up my Yoga Pro 3 this saved me so much time as I was able to import my settings directly over.  

When I get to the studio, Matthew and I first look at our board of ideas and jobs.  When I took this picture we were working on a video for Diesel and making animated gifs for the Grammys.  

After we decide what the day plan is, then I’ll start checking email.  In the morning I am usually responding to emails that come in from Europe a few hours earlier.

Then I’ll jump on a video call if we need to hash out any details of a project we’re shooting or editing.

The laptop has plenty of USB ports (two USB 3.0, one USB 2.0) , a Micro HDMI port and a SD card reader built in.  I need lots of USB ports so I’m glad this one comes equipped.   The laptop’s yellow USB 2.0 port also doubles as its power connector.

The laptop comes in  Clementine orange, brushed gold, and light silver.  You know I had to get the colorful one. :D)

One of the problems I’ve always had with laptops is weight.  I don’t want something that weighs alot as I’ll be lugging it around the city. I also want to be able to grab it one hand so I can easily move around the space.  If I need to look at the 3D printer I can quickly carry it across the room and continue working. 

Doesn’t it look so pretty in a bag too? Even though it’s Winter these colors make me think Spring!

After I finish up work there, I’ll talk a walk home to start working on blog posts that are due and recipes that need to be made.  Any recipe creators out there know that a laptop can get messy (hello flour, melted chocolate and mushed banana) and this one holds up to it.  I might not win the award for cleanest laptop, but I’ve show it alot of delicious love. 

When creating a recipe, I’ll keep the notepad program open to quickly jot down changes I’m making in a recipe, or something that I might forget when I go to write the full recipe out.

While the brownies are in the oven, I’ll sit down with the cats. We work long hours so I always try to multi-task.  Even if I’m following up on some emails, I call the cats over.

Hope you liked a glimpse into my day and meeting my BFF.  Is your laptop your best friend too? What’s a average day like in your life?

 Are you guys ready for this, it’s time!

Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro Giveaway

One extremely lucky reader will win a Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro worth $1,499.99.  This is the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done on the blog and I’m so excited to have one of you win it.  Please see Official Rules & Regulations.  Giveaway ends on Friday April 24, 2015.

Enter as many times as you want with the options below!  The more you enter, the better your chance is to win!



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  • I need a new laptop because mine is 100% on it’s last leg. My trusty sidekick must remain plugged in at all times and that really doesn’t work well for me anymore. 😀

  • I don’t have a laptop… I have desk top that is made up of mant different parts… the monitor is 12 years old… and Orange is my favorite color ♡

  • I need a new lapptop because my business is growing faster than my 2-year-old laptop can keep up! I need more RAM, more hard drive space, and a bigger screen to manage all my tasks. The versatility of the Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro is just what my business needs to go to the next level 🙂

  • I’ve loved my Lenovo ThinkPad for several years. But, it’s ready to become a hand-me-down when I win my new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro!

  • I am writing this comment from a DESKTOP! (Need I say more?) I’m a nanny, so a Lenovo YOGA 3 Pro would change my life. I am constantly looking up recipes, lessons, and crafts for my kiddos.

  • I don’t have a laptop, tablet or a desktop computer. I use my phone for everything! I hope I win so I can become more connected to cyberspace! ☺☺☺

  • My current laptop is always running out of space so I’m constantly deciding what files I need and don’t need. It’s super frustrating!

  • I would love to win because the laptop I have is on it’s last leg and is huge and heavy. Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  • I need a laptop! I’ve wanted one for years. I have an old, old desktop. A new laptop would be awesome and this one is a beauty. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I need a new laptop because my old one is running on it’s last leg! I have to restart it so many times during the day, it’s probably about to die on me!

  • I need a new laptop because I don’t currently have one! I have a bunch of online work (my design biz, my Etsy shop, my blogs) and being tethered to always working on a desktop is the pits. This would be game-changing.

  • I need a new laptop because the one I am typing on right now is big. bulky, and is making a really strange noise! lol! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  • I need a new laptop that functions better and has way better features. The one i have is a little slow and has not be too good for me lately. And it is bulky. This would be perfect with all the wonderful features!

  • All I have is a desktop. And an old one at that. I can’t imagine all the things I could do with a laptop. And I love the size of this one!!

  • Such a fab giveaway. 🙂 I just found an iPad in my cupboard I forgot I owned, got a laptop & my iPhone too. So don’t need any more electronics. Lol! 🙂 Hope you are having a swell weekend love, and enjoying the sunshine and warmth that is clearly hanging out on your side of the world. It’s freezing here today, even expecting snow. Whaaaat?! 🙂

  • This is such an amazing givewaway. My laptop is currently dying after over 4 years of schooling and tons of projects that I’ve don on it. This yoga laptop would be so awesome to have

  • I would love to win a new laptop because mine is about 6 years old and hardly works now. And as a student and almost full-time worker, I definitely need a light, portable, versatile laptop to keep up-to-date on schoolwork, and regular work!

  • I desperately need a new laptop – especially one that is versatile like this Lenovo. I could also use it as a tablet for reading during my commute and keeping up with email, movies, and music on my travels! Much better than a regular laptop!

  • I need a new laptop because mine is about 5 years old and no longer suits my idea. I need more space and I need portability with my lifestyle the way it is today.

  • I have an old laptop which needs a new battery – but the cost is not worth buying it, so I’m restricted to a power cord. A new one would be great to be more mobile with it.

  • I carry my laptop everywhere, taking the opportunity to write whenever I have a moment. The Yoga is so light and versatile it would make my life so much easier.

  • My current laptop has gotten so slow that it’s practically unusable for anything other than typing Word documents and it’s battery life has literally been reduced to less than 30 minutes. I really need a new one.

  • I would love to win this laptop because it is amazing and offers so many features that my current laptop doesn’t have.

  • I need a new laptop because my old one is showing its age by being slow at loading pages and it isn’t quite as portable as this tablet/laptop/projector hybrid.

  • Oh I would love a laptop! Ours died last year, feel so lost! I love all the features of this one! I would love to get organized again using the online calendars! I would also love to use for budgeting, and in the kitchen cooking recipes! So many things I would use it for!!!

  • My current laptop is crazy slow and the keyboard has trouble with the n and m keystrokes as well as the space bar. The yoga 3 pro seems awesome

  • My current laptop is getting slower and it’s nothing like this new Lenovo. It’s very heavy/bulky and I lug it around with me but I’d prefer something lighter like this.

  • Our family’s technology needs are growing. Our two boys need a computer more and more for school work. It would be great to not have the nightly battle of who gets the computer first!

  • I need a new laptop because the one we have is over 10 years old. Also, it would be a marvelous birthday gift for my husband!

  • This is such a neat laptop! I love all of its features and also how pretty and chic it is! This would be perfect because I am in school for pre-nursing as we speak. This would be awesome for school and great to take to my two jobs when it’s slow so I can study!

  • Definitely for school. I am currently enrolled to be a radiology tech and this would really help with keeping me organized!!

  • I have an ’09 PC that sounds like a fan haha. I thinks it’s time I upgraded and the lenovo laptop seems like the best choice!

  • I need one because I haven’t had one for years! I would love to be mobile and not tied to having to work at my desktop.

  • I’d love to have a portable laptop so my kids can have smooth, easy access to their online schoolwork! I’d like it to be able to connect with our family that it out of state!

  • I work from home and now a newly stay at home dad to a beautiful baby girl. I have recently started my own blog from a fathers point of view and it’s hard to do it all. I feel this awesome laptop would alleviate a lot of the struggles. Thanks for hosting!

  • I need a laptop/tablet that is much more slim and portable. Now that I’m getting back into blogging I’d love to be able to do more on the go.

  • I could really use an updated laptop/tablet. The tablet I originally got for myself, my kids have taken over. This would also come in handy when I start school.

  • I need a laptop, period. I am currently sharing a desktop with my two teenage sons, so as you can imagine I don’t get much time on it at all. They are both busy this afternoon, so I am stealing some time on it for myself. It would be great to have a laptop that I can get on when I want.

  • I don’t own a laptop, but I’m willing to make sacrifices enough to gift this to my sister. She’s always on the run, and her basic phone doesn’t suit her hectic lifestyle. I think introducing her with the Lenovo, will add, balance, organization, and peace to her daily life. I believe putting some Yoga into her daily routine, will certainly take a load off her stressful day-to-day life. And based on this overview of the laptop, I think I’ll need a kitten to complete the package. ^_^ Thanks for the amazing opportunity! Good-luck everyone!

  • My kids travel for tournaments on the weekends. So this would be great for taking notes between matches, videos for relaxation and homework at the hotel. Our current laptop is crazy slow.

  • Because my daughter needs one for her homework and building her blog and I would love to have one for social networking.

  • I need a laptop as I presently am working on an old dinosaur desktop pc that is slower than molasses. I have to do a lot of work on my computer for dealing with my brother’s estate and would love to have a computer that is faster so I can get things done quicker for the attorney. I also like to stay in touch with friends via social networks but is can be cumbersome as the computer is so slow to connecting and even trying to type anything.

  • I need a new laptop, because my current one has broken hinges that let it fall closed if I am not vigilant about the angle at which I keep it.

  • My laptop is about 4 years old and to the point where I need to keep it plugged in almost always. It’s also slower than slow. Time for a new one for sure!!


  • I need a new laptop because I’ve never owned a laptop, I only have an old desktop that is slowly fading out. It’s time I get up with the times. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • I am a mom and a college student. I don’t currently have a laptop and have been trying to get all my work done at school before I pick the kids up and go home.

  • Pamela, this is such an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for hosting – I have been looking to get a computer/laptop that I can download Photoshop on as my current one doesn’t have enough memory to do so. If I won this Yoga 3, then I would have a computer to work on my food photos on! Oh, and btw, love that cat ring! 🙂

  • I need one for work that I do; that can handle the day-to-day workload without crashing or needing “repair”. Anything past its limitations, causes the it not function properly, thus not getting any work done.

  • I commute via public transit and could use a lightweight laptop/tablet hybrid like this to get work done on the train!

  • I need a laptop to run the business when on the go, to stay more organized, and to help with creativity with the kids.

  • I’m always on the go and am a tech addict! I’ve been shying away from tablets because I love keyboards and the full functionality of a laptop, so this fits the bill perfectly!

  • About a year ago I accidentally spilled wonton soup on my laptop (definitely not one of my finer moments). Since then my display has been fried and I have to have it connected to a monitor. It DOES NOT make for traveling easy. I learned my lesson 😉

  • the laptop I have was my son’s about 5-6 years ago, it is outdated, very heavy and just a basic model with not much on it. I love this one in that it is lightweight and flexible, has an awesome projection feature and many other fun features as well. After my shoulder surgery tomorrow, I will be pretty limited in what I can carry and being lightweight, this should definitely be ok!

  • I’d love to win this for my daughter whose laptop screen was crushed in a fall. She’s on a tiny tablet …this would be such a wonderful surprise.

  • We need a laptop because we have a desktop computer and it is old and slow and I would love to have a computer that I can use in other areas other than at the desk.

  • I’m getting ready to go back to school for Nutrition Sciance,To be able to help people live better lives!

  • Would love to win! My laptop is old, slow and crashes. a new one would help me be more productive and keep me better organized. The YOGA 3 Pro looks like a great choice!

  • I need a new one for blogging. I’ve been using the same computer I bought before my youngest son was born. He’s turning 7 now. It works but it is so outdated. This would be more efficient. And since it is a lap top I could take it everywhere. Unlike (old sparky) my desk top.

  • I purchased my laptop in 2009. It’s clunky and heavy and can’t be taken anywhere easily. This would be a perfect replacement because it would allow me to combine my laptop and tablet (which recently died) into one portable solution.

  • i would like to win not for myself but for my mom, she never own a brand new computer she always gets the hand me downs so since i cant afford to buy her one for mother’s day this will be one amazing gift for her and she can use it to communicate it with her sisters, kids and grandkids who lives outside US.

  • I need a new laptop and this is the ultimate!!!! My desktop is becoming obsolete and a laptop would be so awesome.

  • I need a new laptop because I don’t have one! My computer is pretty much impossible to use because its so slow, and you can’t do everything on a phone!

  • I need a new laptop because a bunch of the keys on mine no longer work, so I have to use an external keyboard… with a LAPTOP! Ugh! This would be a lifesaver!

  • I need a new laptop so bad! The one I have was just a cheap one and runs very slow. Also.. it is broken! The screen is only attached by one side! It is very very difficult to use.

  • I’m constantly taking my work between school and home, and my current computer doesn’t cut it. I need something as portable and versatile as this one!

  • I don’t currently have one and would love to use this for video analysis for my gymnastics meets and for homework during meets.

  • I need a new laptop because as I was here my shockwave flash crashed, This thing is so slow and loud stays hot makes so hard and takes so long to get anything done and I am stuck/confined to my desk my screen is cracked so I have a monitor hooked up to see. Crossing fingers thanks for great giveaway!

  • I need this in my life! As a new mom, the features on the Yoga 3 would be ideal for both personal and professional tasks…plus the flexibility makes it ideal to use anywhere!

  • My current laptop is about 7 years old. Very of out date and slow. I really need a new one to get my work done efficiently.

  • i have a tiny little chromebook- would LOVE to have a laptop this nice!!! i love the way it bends into a tent for watching videos- and the color is so beautiful!!

  • I technically don’t own one. I’ve been borrowing my sister’s old gaming laptop which seems to be heavier than most desktop computers. It would be nice to not carry that.

  • I would love a laptop as I mostly use my smart phone. It would make my life so much easier and love the projector feature on it. It’s the total package.

  • I need a new laptop because mine is very old and does not work good anymore as it keeps crashing and it’s very heavy and doesn’t stay charged. I’d Love a new Yoga 3 because the different modes tablet and stand would fit my busy, multitasking life and help me to be more productive. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! 🙂

  • I have an old computer that is very slow and doesn’t have many features. This computer would be awesome to use for my home business and with helping me with my new fitness program.

  • I’d love a lightweight laptop that is portable instead of my dinosaur of a laptop! Plus, I’d love the tablet mode, I’ve never had one.

  • i would love a new laptop for when i go back to school this August to pursue my Masters Degree!! I just graduated this past December 2014 with my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and this laptop would help me very much with my school work. I expect a whole lot of writing for this 2 year journey I am about to start.

  • This is quite the investment. I am a Real Estate Investment professional and I always have to be ready to send emails on the fly, make impromptu presentations, and take pictures of assets. It would be great to do all of these things with one item! This looks small enough to put in my bag, and probably works better than using my phone and having to constantly squint to see the screen! Great job Lenovo (and Ashton Kutcher)!

  • I need a laptop because Ive never had one! I share my ipad with my grand kids so you can imagine what I get it back like. Last time they were over I got it back with a new screen crack, sticky and with cat hair. The weird thing is we don’t have a cat. Lol. I would use it for searching hommewaork, movies, music , games and the projection is so neat.

  • My desktop just died and I am surviving with just my phone! I really need a bigger screen and I love that the Yoga makes a tent for watching shows!

  • My laptop is several years old and and no longer meets my needs. I would love to pass it along to my mom and replace it with one that has a faster processor and better graphics capabilities.

  • I’ve owned a business before but sold it, to take care of my in laws full time at home, Recently I thought of blogging to help others who caregive at home and this would make it so much easier for to do that and fun! Thank you for a great review this is amazing Lenovo Technology.

  • I purchased a Lenovo online 8 long years ago. I had never heard of Lenovo. It was a rep for the company that recommended it to me. It was the best purchase I have ever made. I love my Lenovo and up until now I have refused to upgrade because I just like it so much and I haven’t been able to find one I would be willing to try in replace of my current Lenovo, that is until today. I am so impressed with the Lenovo YOGA. My laptop is so old I’m running Vista. I use the laptop for everything. I’m using my current laptop all day and night. I depend on it for everything, however it is so old I can’t keep up with the new technology demands. I’m not able to even access instagram because this doesn’t have apps or the windows programs they use. It’s now starting to break down. it pops up telling me I have low disc space. It also stops running and I have to reboot because plugins keep failing. It has served me well these past eight years but it is time to upgrade. I would use this new Lenovo YOGA for business to keep our books and to even accept payments with debit/credit cards. I would use it for recipes in the kitchen ( I love the hanger option). This would be fantastic to have outdoor movies with my family and friends in our huge field out back. I have always wanted a projector. How cool is that. It would be like going to the drive-ins like we did as a kid and sat outside on the grass. My family and I love to go geocaching and this would be fantastic for that because of the long battery life and it’s so light weight so carrying it would be a breeze. I could use it to keep up with all my social media sites. This is just the Dream Machine. It does everything I could ever possibly want or need. Thanks for sharing this review & giveaway~!

  • I need a new laptop for my writing, because the one I have has problems and probably (with my luck 🙂 )won’t last much longer. This YOGA 3 Pro would be awesome to win because it’s SO multifunctional everywhere! I love your cats! My Bella looks just like your black cat! Thank you SO much for an awesome giveaway!! <3

  • This mom of four wants to have fun too, but organized as well. It will definitely replace my phone, so i can have it everywhere. 

  • Well, my old laptop completely bit the dust a few weeks ago and I’m currently using my mother’s old LIGHT PINK laptop that doesnt work quite well. This would be a dream!

  • I need a new laptop because I will be entering medical school this year, I can’t long around my desktop computer with me.

  • My current laptop is very out of date and was nothing special to begin with it is just a cheap day after thanksgiving special that often has issues.

  • I desperately need a computer for my classwork! Mine is so slow and antiquated it’s struggling to load this webpage!

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