Introducing our new baby, Goblin!

Hi, my name is Goblin, I am really sweet and soft and I’d like to be your friend.  

Many of you know that we had a 4 cat family for a very  long time, there was Essy Francis, Xanadu Pluto, FiFi Bofinkles and Brother Bear.  During the last few months we increasingly discussed getting a 5th cat because we knew Essy was getting older.   Taking care of a senior cat though is very hard work so we decided to hold off and just see where the future would lead us.    When Essy died in January, we were pretty distraught and heart broken.  I have to be honest with you and say every few days I will turn my head and think I see her walking towards me or laying on the table. I will walk in the door, see a shadow on our table and immediately think it’s her, but then it will hit me that she’s gone.  A few days ago I defrosted some turkey in the freezer and immediately I thought “Where is Essy?”.  Essy is very special to us, and holds a giant space in our hearts that won’t ever be replaced, and we’re always going to recall Essy memories with fondness.

A few weeks ago, we were pondering the idea of adding a 4th cat into the family.  Some time went by with Essy and we know the cats were sad about it too, so we wanted to bring some energy back into our home to start the next generation of the Meowza Family.  The ages of our cats are 13 (FiFi Bofinkles), 7 (Xanadu) and 4 (Brother).   We wanted a kitten, someone that could get the gang back on their toes.    Xanadu is a Siamese cat who is extremely (!) active, intelligent and constantly wants to play.  FiFi Bofinkles and Xanadu are both girls and just straight out, they don’t like each other, at all.  They both fight for my attention and sometimes it becomes a hair pulling type of fight.    Brother Bear, who is a sweet and gentle giant will occasionally play with Xanadu but for the most part he’s pretty relaxed and calm.   For this reason we decided we were going to get a boy, a brother for Brother you might say.   Girls are all drama, you know? 😉

We also really wanted a Maine Coon or a Persian.  We both have a love for the extra furry, and I won’t bore you with a long story but the 3rd cat was supposed to be a Persian, but then Bofinkles and Brother won our hearts, so we never got one.  Brother is a Maine Coon and we love his attitude and soft personality.  He’s a real big guy, made of muscle (honestly, feel his stomach, it’s insane, he works out) who could easily be the boss of the  family but instead is a real sweet heart who’s scared of thunder and has a soft spot for sleeping in my underwear drawer.  So we set out looking online to adopt a furry critter, we scoured Craigslist and Shelters.   Then we came across this beautiful Gray Persian boy kitten.  We contacted the owners and they said we could stop by the next day to see him, so I asked for their address.  They never responded.  I was heart broken, this wasn’t happening.  Then I contacted them again the following day and they told me the kitten was already adopted, I was really heart broken.  Then the next day I saw the listing was still up online so because I’m crazy I contacted them again and she said she thought I was talking about another kitten and he was available, and if we wanted him, we could come that same day to get him.  Matthew and I hugged, we shouted, we threw Xanadu in the air (she loved it) and then thought “What did we just do?”.

So we made our way to Queens to meet this little gray guy.  I had the kitty carrier all ready to go!

As soon we we met him, it was a done deal. This gray guy was ours.  On the way home I sat with him in the back seat and talked to him like a baby while he thought to himself “Who is this crazy woman?”.  

When we got home we took him into the bathroom to slowly introduce him to the other cats and his new home.  When he came out of the carrier he was slightly timid, and afraid of anyone over the height of 5 feet.  
Gray Little Guy

But with some cheek rubs he quickly started to warm up with us.  This was just a few minutes after and he’s already purring in my arms.   6tag_030314-185646.jpg

The cats all knew something was up.  I opened the  bathroom door and Brother Bear was already on duty wondering what was happening on the other side of the door.
Gray Little Guy_7

Almost immediately this new kitten and Brother got along.  As soon as they met, this new baby kitten walked up to Brother and tried to kiss him.   For the next few days the new kitten would be Brother Bear’s shadow.  I’m pretty certain he either thought Brother was his father or wanted to just be his best friend because wherever Brother Bear was the kitten was nearby watching.  And if Brother got up, the new guy would be right alongside of him still begging for kisses.
Goblin's First Few Days_3

A few days in we wanted to start him off to become comfortable with us caring for him.  We learned with Xanadu that if you teach them things from when they are a baby, they will be more acceptable of it.  We got Xanadu when she was 3 months old and are now able to cut her nails with one hand while she yawns of boredom.  We wanted the same type of attitude for this kitten.  With being a persian, he needs quite a bit of grooming and upkeep and unfortunately at his prior home he didn’t get it. He was a bit stinnky and had quite a bunch of mats.  So we decided to do something we never did before, give a cat a real bath.  I’m talking in the sink, water, shampoo, a sprayer and lots of squeals (mostly from me).  When we first put in into the sink he was not pleased by this and for the first few minutes we were pretty sure this was not going to work out. Water was splashing everywhere, I already had to take off my slippers and Matthew’s sweatshirt was wet.   But after we kept slowly introducing him to the water, we were able to get him settled to handle his first bath.  I would not say he enjoyed it (haha) but he accepted it had to be done. So we got him wet, shampooed him, rinsed him, cleaned his ears, cleaned his eyes and squeezed all the water out of his massive tail when we were done.  Also, I should note we clipped his nails prior to his first bath, something I’d recommend to prevent bleeding to death.   By the way, nail clipping is not easy on a super furry kitty. I spend 12 minutes trying to find the nails and 2 seconds clipping.
 Goblin's First Few Days_4

After the bath, we had to get him dry and brush out those mats, so we sat him down on a few towels and used a hair dryer on a low setting to dry him.  I was pretty shocked and amazed he was this trusting just a few days in.  Also, he’s not scared of any loud sounds, so a blow dryer doesn’t do anything to him.  He’s pretty much not scared of anything, which is a great and horrible thing at the same time. 😉
Goblin's First Few Days_6

At this time he didn’t have a name.  We were calling him Little Guy, Gray Guy and Little Brother.  Then one day we called him “Goblin” and it was just a match with his personality.  A few weeks later we both agree it’s a perfect fit.  His official nickname is Sweety Man, also called Sweety or Mister Sweets.  He’s a real sweetheart, so he’s often called this too.  Does your cat have multiple names too?

Here’s some things we learned about Goblin over the next few weeks.

He’s got one heck of a furry belly.
Mom and Dad and Baby.

And his tail is even more fluffier and is larger than his actual body.  His tail is also a dust collector.

Which means he has to be brushed daily. During this time he lays there and doesn’t move, hoping it will be over as soon as possible.
Goblin's First Few Days_10

I can’t get any work done when Goblin is nearby. I tell him he’s gorgeous a million times a day and kiss him all much to his response of “Mom..”.

He’s extremely mischievous, don’t let his sweety man look fool you.  He’s 5 months old so he’s interested in everything.  

Mischievous like pulling giant stuffed toys under a table and then pretend it wasn’t him. Note: I saw him on the chair a few minutes later trying to push the stuffed Rhino’s head under the chair.     He reminds us alot of Xanadu in figuring things out quickly.

Speaking of Xanadu, she was very unsure of him the first few days.  Whenever any new cat has been introduced to the family Xanadu doesn’t like them for at least 3 days straight and will ignore them at all costs, including not leaving her spot unless you pick her up.    During the first few days she would find him on things that were “hers” which displeased her.  Goblin pretty much fell in love with thinking Xanadu could be his playmate as he would watch her do laps and do wild 360 spin jumps.  Then he would attempt to do these things and fail miserably.  Weeks later, Xanadu has found her match.  Goblin will chase her all over, and he’s starting to pick up speed.  When he is able to jump as high as her, then she is in very big trouble.  We like to say that Goblin was sent here by Essy to tease and torment Xanadu.  When we adopted Xanadu she was 3 months old and bugged Essy all the time.  It’s nice to see Xanadu getting a touch of this with a new kitten, but now she’s on the opposite side.  At night they play nonstop and repeat the same things over and over and over and over and…
Goblin's First Few Days_8

And Brother?  Well Goblin is still in love with him.  Goblin desperately wants Brother to clean him, or at least let him nestle on his belly.   Here’s the problem.  Goblin is 4 pounds.  Brother is 14 pounds.   Goblin doesn’t understand the weight difference and doesn’t fear anything.  That means he will walk up to Brother, stick his head under Brother Bear’s chin for Brother Bear to love him.  Brother Bear will then put his mouth around Goblin’s neck.    They are in the stage of wrestling now, where Goblin will attempt to push Brother around and Brother Bear just pulls him down with one little tap. Then they will repeat this because Goblin still thinks he can win.  Eventually Brother Bear becomes fed up and will retreat to a blanket to sleep while Goblin begs to be taken down one more time.    This weekend we saw them wrestle multiple times in a row all while holding our breath.   Goblin is definitely trying to stand his ground and show that he’s strong too (lol) but during the stare down Brother Bear made one move and Goblin flinched.  Brother Bear 1, Goblin 0.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Goblin gets bigger.
Brother and Goblin have started to play wrestle.  Goblin forgets that Brother is 10 pounds of muscle heavier than him but still loves every minute of it.  #cats #allfluff #brothers

Where there’s a Brother, there’s a Goblin.  Brother caved the box in immediately and Goblin was so happy to be in the box when it happened.

Goblin begging Brother to wrestle him.
Goblin and Brother

Most of the time Goblin will just show up where Brother is sleeping and try to hang out with him.
Goblin and Brother_1

I like to think of this as their band cover image if they ever started a band.
Cats and Totes_1

And Bofinkles doesn’t really care about him to be honest.  She will hiss if he comes close, but she will do that to Xanadu too.  The only things that matter to Bofinkles are food, kisses, food, food and me.  Nothing else really interests her.   I will say she puts up with him more than Xanadu but don’t expect best friend necklaces to be exchanged. 
Goblin Bofinkles

He loves to sleep during the afternoon.  He will stay in the upside down position from about 11AM-5PM, then he will wake up with so much energy you’ll get tired from just watching him.
How he sleeps. #furball #cats

Eyes open, but not time to wake up yet.
Goblin Fluff

Once he wakes up, he will look for someone to play with, preferably Xanadu.  Goblin has a wild meow which can be described as a soft squeak that is very quick. I am hoping this meow stays forever as it’s adorable.  Once he wakes up, he will start squeaking to find someone.  Eventually he might find Xanadu which upsets and excites her all at once.  Xanadu is the known boss Deputy of the family, but I think Goblin could be trained to be a Deputy Sheriff in time.  Here they are playing the very exciting game of let’s look at each other over the bag and then one of us will run by, the other one will be stunned and run after and then we can repeat this until someone becomes bored or it’s time to eat.

Goblin is starting to learn how pretty he is.  I find him looking in the mirror in the bathroom at least once a day. He likes so place his face against the mirror and just admire himself.
Someone discovered how pretty he is. #cats #persian #fluffball

He really likes boxes, of course.  He also really likes jumping on boxes but because he’s a Persian and a kitten, his jumping ability is slightly limited but that doesn’t stop him in thinking he can do it and then falling gracefully (or usually not gracefully).  

If he sees one of our arms out, he will immediately place his head on it and fall asleep.   Like I said, he’s a real sweet heart.
Goblin fell asleep on my arm while watching #cosmos.  I bet he's dreaming of space.

He loves being near us and will often push his way into our arms or legs demading you rub his face all over.  He also is really into belly rubs.  As soon as you touch him he will purr, very loudly.  If he sees your hands coming towards him, he will begin to purr.  He’s a real cuddle bug.   He gets so excited when you wake up either during the night or in the morning.  I woke up in the middle of the night last night, he ran into the bathroom after me (with his squeak), then he followed me back to bed, jumped on the bed and then I played with him in the dark for 15 minutes.    Every single morning when I wake up, he will appear under the bathroom sink with a big “Good Morning, let’s play!”.  


His tail will do what it wants too.

My photo table has basically become his new bed.  That means he will squeeze between whatever props he wants, knocking most of them on the floor.  

When I have to take pictures for recipes he will show up right away in front of the camera.

As soon as the lights are turned on, Goblin will be there ready for his picture.  That means that pretty much all my recipe photos will have a furry tail in them from now on, sorry!That's right Goblin. I set up lights and baked oatcakes for you.  #cats #persian #fluffball #fluffy #cake #catsofinstagram

That’s Goblin!  We’re so happy he’s now part of our Meowza family.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better fit.  He’s a real sweet heart who is playful and loving and is a great brother to Xanadu, Brother and Bofinkles.  We really love him, welcome to the family Sweety Man! 6tag_250314-192402.jpg



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