I’m In Love With Brother Bear

Brother Bear is our very special cat.   He gets lots of special attention for many reasons:

-He’s the only boy.

-He’s the baby.

-He’s very fluffy.

-He has the softest meow in the world.

-He is scared of thunder.

-He loves kisses.

-He just wants to hang out, he’s our bodyguard cat.

-When we first got him, he was going through tough times with different illnesses.  After many trips to the vet, operation, quarantine, we gained his trust for always being there and telling him it was going to be ok.  It wasn’t easy in the beginning.

Brother is a Maine Coon, also known as the breed of gentle giants, and that is what he is.  He’s 15 pounds of strong body, but has the gentlest baby like personality.    

We’re in love with him.  I just wanted to tell you.  You can totally be in love with him too.  He is a good guy.

Below is one morning with him..

When I wake up I can usually find him in this blue bed during the Spring time mornings. He has the best yawns.

He has the fluffiest “wings”.


Then he jumped down onto a box and put his head down.  This is his preferred way of laying.


He can stay like this for hours, and does.
So I like to crawl under him and rub his chin.

Every now and then he will let me touch his toes.

But not much.  “Don’t touch the toes Mom”.

Then Xanadu showed up and plopped herself on my belly.  But back to the Brother show..
He will follow airplanes in the sky…
His paws are always stretched out in the most elegant manner.
When he looks up at you with those eyes – Oh man, I melt.  After I took this picture I just picked him up and kissed him all over.

And when you call for him, he runs.  He’s happy, he’s excited.  It’s the best feeling in the world to get home and see Brother Bear run for you, just to rub his cheeks all over your ankles.

So that is what we did.  We rubbed, we cuddled.  

I love Brother Bear.


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  • He’s so gorgeous πŸ™‚ We have a cat called Murdoch who we got from a rescue home, we think he’s got a lot of Russian Blue breeding in him. He is also massive (5.5kg!) He recognises the car, so when I arrive home on the drive he is there and promptly rolls all over the place πŸ™‚

    • Aw, he says thank you! And hello to Murdoch! Isnt it the best feeling when they are there to greet you? Even in the morning he gets so excited that someone is finally up to play with him.

  • What a gorgeous cat! I love Maine Coons, alas, we have cat allergies in the family. We call my 1 year old son Brother Bear they have a lot of similar qualities πŸ™‚

  • What a beautiful cat. I love Maine Coons! And you’re right about the toes: my tuxedo cat, Milo, will let me touch his toes for approximately 2 seconds before he pulls his feet away and gives me a look like, “What are you doing?”

    • Hahaha, they don’t like those toes being touched. Sometimes when he sleeps I can tickle them for a bit longer, but then he pretends he’s still asleep and just magically tucks his toes under his belly.

  • I have a Maine Coon named Oscar, he also likes to hang his head…we call it the head drop and wait for him to fall asleep and drop his head. He can sleep like that for hours. Oscar loves to be loved on. He cries when I leave for overnight trips, which is enough to break my heart, and sits on our kitchen window waiting and watching for us to come home. I think Maine Coons are happy children that get reborn as lovable cats.

    • “I think Maine Coons are happy children that get reborn as lovable cats.” – Sarah, that is the sweetest quote! Oscar seems like a sweetheart, give him a little head rub from me.

  • I’m sure Who ever has a cat, it’s hard not to fall in love with them once our bond has been established. Cats have the ability to read our emotions, and make us feel special with their desire to be near us whenever we are around. My cat Snowy makes me to feel the same & I’m so happy with it…

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