How to Get Cat Lady Nails

I have a thing for cats and colorful nails, so I’m happy to say these worlds can be combined!

Cat Nails_4

Want to know something?  I never have had a professional manicure.  I’ve always been more of a girl who does her own nails with a drawer full of every color of the rainbow nail polish alongside every glitter option!    Ever since I was little I always had a collection of nail polishes stashed somewhere in my room.    I’ve also never really been subtle in the nail polish category. I don’t really do nudes or soft pinks, I’m more of a neon orange and glitter girl.  I love bright colors, big sparkles and plenty of design!   For a while now I’ve stayed away from painting nail designs because I can’t draw very well, but when NCLA sent me these Melody Ehsani nail wraps, I was beyond pumped to try to get some design action happening on my fingers!  Note: I wasn’t paid for this review, they just kindly sent me the nail wraps to try!

The nails wraps come in all types of patterns and colors.  I happened to get sent a cat style which made me giggle like a school girl. It’s like I like cats or something.
Cat Nails

Here you’ll see all the beautiful cats.  I showed my cats this package and they all nodded in approval.  (I’m lying, they rolled over and went back to sleep before asking me to stop annoying them with my silly questions).  
Cat Nails_1

I was curious how hard the nail wraps would be to put on.   I watched a tutorial video first to get a idea and it seemed easy enough.   What you do is just pick the size of the wrap based on your nail size.  I have small fingers and nails so I couldn’t use many of the larger nail wraps.  I do think I could easily modify some of the larger ones with a pair of scissors and they’d work well. 

All you do is peel off the wrap from the pack and stick onto your nail.  Then you rub the wrap to get all the air bubbles out.  You’ll see the nail wrap is way too long though.
Cat Nails_2

Then you take a nail file and just file away at the extra parts.  Just a few swipes and the excess wrap will fall right off.   
Cat Nails_3

Then you’ll do this for all your nails, matching a wrap to a nail and filing down.  Once you do a few, you’ll start to get in a pattern and it’ll be done much sooner than expected.  After you finish you put some clear nail polish on top.  I had to add a little glitter too.

Cat Nails_5

Let’s chat. 
Do you regularly paint your nails? If so, what’s your current favorite color?
Have you ever used nail wraps?



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