Honesty With Me and FiFi Bofinkles

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My FiFi Bofinkles trusts me.  And only me.

Try to touch her belly and you’ll get snapped at.

Try to rub her head and you’ll get snapped at.

Try to rub her toes.. oh goodness, don’t you dare.

But me? I get full access to my FiFi Bofinkles 24/7.  Sometimes she literally serves her belly on a platter for me (ok maybe not literally). But she gives me it.  

My Bofinkles Baby and I trust each other.

The story of FiFi Bofinkles is a funny one.  Got a minute to listen?

We actually went to FiFi Bofinkles house to adopt her sister, Chloe, who was a big furry Persian cat.  We didn’t pay much attention to Bofinkles while we were there.  Then for some reason or another, they said FiFi Bofinkles really loved us.  Noone wanted her because she was “ordinary cat” (their words, no cat is ordinary).  As soon as I heard that my heart dropped and a email was sent a second later, yes, give me FiFi Bofinkles.  We never ended up with Chloe.  Instead we ended up with the extra feisty and beautiful FiFi Bofinkles.  I ended up with a best friend, we got lucky. Matthew ended up with a snapper turtle, he wasn’t so lucky.

I brought FiFi Bofinkles home in a cab from her home in southern Brooklyn.  Bofinkles is originally from the South so she’s a real Southern Belle with the drama to back it up.  Want to know how dramatic she is?  Bofinkles came with her own stroller.  Yes, her own stroller.  So there’s me, a meowing Bofinkles and her stroller in a cab.  When we got home we did the usual release of trying to get all the cats used to her (at that time it was just Xanadu and Essy).   Bofinkles was scared and for the next few days lived under the couch.  She was especially scared of Xanadu who was equally scared of her but who would eventually go on to bully Bofinkles.  Everyday while Matthew was gone I would lay on the floor in front of the couch and try to baby talk her out.  Finally, a few days after arriving she came out.

I take photos of everything (seriously) so I have documentation of the minutes and first moments of everything (seriously).

The cab ride home with Bofinkles: 
photo 4.JPG

Essy trying to sniff her out from under the couch:
photo 2.JPG

Bofinkles coming out from the couch and Xanadu immediately making her go back under.  This is the start of a very unloved relationship! photo 3.JPG

Bofinkles and her favorite banana on the day of arriving.  I got her this banana when I picked her up, she still has it and licks it to this day. Honesty-With-me-and-FiFi-Bofinkles 

photo 1.JPG

“Mom, can I come out?” 

And are you ready for super cuteness? This is what FiFi Bofinkles did when I finally got her out from under the couch… she gave me head kisses! Again and again! And again and again!


Bofinkles and I have come a long way since the day she first arrived.  I’ve never had a cat treat me with as much love as she does. She’s very intensely into me and that means having a certain amount of kissing quota every single day.  She likes to kiss.  A ton. Sunday morning secrets and kisses.

My baby Bofinkles. #iminlove

Breakfast and kisses. #cats    Every morning I rock my Bofinkles back to sleep.

Not waking up. #cats #sleep #bofinkles

From the time I wake up in the morning to the time I go to sleep, Bofinkles is here.  She’s there to greet me on my pillow in the mornings (sometimes on my head).  She’s there to greet me at the front door when I get home.  She’s there to greet me on the sink when I get out of the shower.  She’s always there.  I love her so much. We are best friends.  

Honesty With me and FiFi Bofinkles  

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Honesty With me and FiFi Bofinkles_1

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Keep smiling Bofinkles, I love you little gal! Bofinkles sure is ticklish on her toes.  #babydoll #smile #cat #cats #catsofinstagram  #calico #love #calicocat

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