Holiday Your Way Tips and Tricks

Are you ready for the holidays?  The big day is just a few days away!

Are you excited? Do you get anxious the night before?  When it’s Christmas morning do you bounce out of bed?  The holiday is always full of so much magic.  Even as you get older, there is still a feeling of excitement that always exists.


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So the Cookie Party is ready to begin, but you spent all day baking your favorite cookies, suddenly you realize you have 30 minutes to throw on a sweater, shake the flour out of your hair and clean your house that is looking a big messy.   Don’t worry, you can clean your house in 23 minutes. Yup, you heard me right, 23 minutes.

Don’t worry about rooms that won’t get visitors.   Most likely noone is going to be stopping in the bedroom, so don’t worry about cleaning that room. Shut the doors to all those rooms, it’s the secret code to “don’t you dare look in this room”.

A bathroom mirror is one of the most looked at places in your home.  Everyone checks themselves out in it.  Grab a paper towel, wipe down the mirror and then use that towel for the sink and faucet.  Just like that your bathroom is looking shiny clean.

Those dish towels you used all day long while cooking and baking?  You want those cleaned up. Make sure to replace them with some fluffy clean towels. 

If you have a Roomba, run it while you’re doing all the other clean up spots.  Let the robotic vacuum help you out! I love our Roomba, his name is Blinky. 

Did you bake some cookies for your friends or family? That’s pretty kind of you!   But here’s the tricky part, how do you ship them overseas without breaking or causing custom issues?  Here are some tips to make this process easier and prevent perfect looking cookies from turning into crumbles.

Please share in the comments your own holiday tips! 



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  • Fantastic tips. Love the infographic too. To be honest, I’ve had enough of Christmas already, even though the day itself is still pending. I don’t find it to be magical anymore… the Aussie heat is so stifling, I spent this morning doing Christmas shopping and I came home sweating and had to carry three loads of shopping up four flights of stairs, ha. Very different to the Christmases I had as a child in the UK… I used to love being rugged up in jumpers, baking in the oven and warming up the house with the smell of cookies (now I try to keep the oven off as much as possible!). But I shouldn’t complain, I still get to spend the day with those I love and remember all that’s important in life. Plus, I’m eating summer fruit like there’s no tomorrow!!! Thanks for the lovely tips, will definitely help as the day approaches. Hugs xxx

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