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Every time it rains I remind myself I need to get a raincoat.  Then the raining stops and I forget.  Then it rains again and I remind myself I need to get a raincoat. Then the raining stops…  Does this happen to anyone else?   April showers bring May flowers they say and this week is a rainy one.   

On Saturday it was near 80 degrees (too soon!).  We no longer have to worry about frost during the night.  Now it’s the usual garden business to worry about.   One thing that is looking good is all the Spring seedlings.  Besides the carrots and radishes, the Spring garden is officially planted.  We were able to get the onions, kale and pak choi planted a day after we planted the broccoli and friends.  It feels nice to be back up on the roof everyday checking on the plants and watering the containers.  

So the Spring garden is: broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, onions, kale, pak choi, sugar snap peas, carrots and radishes.    Don’t forget you can follow along with planting dates in my seed calendar too.  

How to Grow Onion From Seeds

Now to the planting, first up, the onions.  Like the sugar snap peas, we went a bit crazy with onions this year.  We planted 68 onions this year, which is about 48 more than we were planning.  What happens is you plant what you were going to, and then you look at the sad leftover onion seedlings and know they will just go to waste if you don’t plant them.  So you save those onions and make room in other containers.  The funny part of all this is that onions are one thing in the garden I don’t eat. I’ve never been a onion fan so I’m going to leave it to Matthew to eat all those onions, good luck! 
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015

Onion seeds are itty bitty tiny little things, so when you see how big this little seeds roots are already before you plant, you need to smile.
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_5

 Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_6

The onion roots are all tangled up so you need to gently separate them.  It’s not that hard, you just need to shake and find the best way.  Matthew always calls me the onion whisperer as I have a way with them.  This is one onion… 67 more to separate! 
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_7

And one more onion.. Isn’t it amazing the bottom of this is going to turn into one big beautiful onion head? 
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_8

Here’s about 20 onions… imagine 20 big onions in my hands soon instead!
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_9

Onions are fairly easy to take care of.   In the beginning they are weak plants, so make sure to protect them from wind with some fabric or they will break.    I’ll show you below how we protect them.   
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_10

Now to the kale plants.  We didn’t plant as many kale plants this year because last year we had way too much kale to eat and give out.    There’s 4 kale plants and that will produce more then enough for us.
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_2

Want to see something amazing? Of course you do. The kale plants that were cut down started growing again over the Winter.  I have no idea how they survived, but they did! Look at that green growth! Sadly we had to pull them up to make room for the new plants.
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_1

Now on to the pak choi.  Pak choi is one of those plants that I think we need lots of and Matthew doesn’t think so.  I admit that I still have frozen pak choi in the freezer (great for a stir fry) but I can’t help but grow lots of it.. it’s beautiful! 
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_4

Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_3

After everything is planted, we give the container a good watering.
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_11

And then we cover with our wind blocker fabric.  We’ll keep this fabric attached all Summer, but for the most part it will be down.  It’s great to have the fabric ready to go incase a storm hits. That way we can just run up the roof and lift the fabric.   It’s been windy the past few days so it’s important to protect our babies!
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_12

Woo, Woo Spring garden is under way!
Planting Onions and Kale Spring 2015_13

And if you were wondering how the sugar snap peas were doing, they started coming up a few days ago.  High 5’s!
Sugar snap peas coming up!

Now I’m going to buy a raincoat…!


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  • Your garden is starting to come together! It is all very exciting, is it not? Your pak choi plants are looking georgous & I am a big fan of onions, red, white, yellow ones too!

    Good luck with it all! I have an allotment now, since November last year. We have sown beets, chioggia beets, cut salad leaves (mixes), spring onion plants, leeks,…
    We have put up a plastic conservatory with already 4 tomato plants, 2 roma tomatoes & 2 Coeur de boeuf tomato plants! We are going to buy a few more tomato plants & 2 aubergine plants too! πŸ˜‰

    We also are growing lamb’s lettuce, chervil & radishes! We already ate from our 1st produce from the plants that were growing in our cold frame! πŸ™‚ My hubby Peter build it! x

    • That sounds so very exciting! This Summer we’re going a bit wild with tomato and tomatillo plants, I’ll be able to stock up all Winter with sauces! πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait to check out all your veggies!

  • Wanted to drop a note to tell you that I found your website late last year and have been enjoying it very much. You inspired me to start seeds indoors this year for the first time and I am using your container idea! I live in Las Vegas so I had to start a lot earlier and am curious to see how this watering system will work in this climate. It is kind of funny because you are now transferring your seedlings outdoors and we are starting to have fruit on our plans and the sugar snap peas are probably going to be done soon as it gets warmer. Anyway – part of the fun! And I am too very happy with Johnny’s Selected Seeds πŸ™‚ Thank you for the inspiration.

    • That makes me so happy to hear Zlatina! You’ll have to keep me updated on how your garden is doing. I’m jealous that your peas are almost ready, I can’t wait to start picking them by the basket!

  • Yay! Your garden is absolutely fabulous! It must be super when new things pop up in the garden. Love that you share the journey. PS: I totes think you should come to Australia and help me setup my garden. Brilliant plan right?

  • You guys are amazing! I wish I can a set up like that but it wouldn’t look too pretty in our yard. The roof top is the perfect place for your set up. Kudos!

  • Your garden is really amazing and inspiring! You must be so excited every day to see what’s sprouting. : ) And I didn’t have rain boots for years and years and now wonder how I ever lived without it! πŸ™‚

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