Help Me, My Cats Want Food

I heart my cats, they are a wild bunch that love me too, especially when I feed them. That’s why I was thrilled at the opportunity to try out Fancy Feast® Broths as a part of this sponsored post program.  Now they love me even more!

Hey Mom.  
Do you see us?
What is your in hand?
We know it’s food.  
We saw you go in the food cabinet.
Mom, we know you see us.
Mom, we’re meowing.  So now you can see us and hear us.
Can you put the food down already?
Come on Mom, stop tormenting us.
Give us the food already.
Come on.
Feed us.
Ok, let us rub your ankles and purr.
See, we love you?
We also love soft food.
Feed us.

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I’m the most popular girl in the world… when I have a can of soft cat food in my hand.  Hi kittens, tell mama how much you love her.  #cats #cat #food #love #whiskers #persian #persiancat #kitten #mainecoon #siamese #calico #family #love #kids #hungry #po

This is how every morning starts.  I wake up, kitties wake up, kitties run around me watching my every move because they know within the first 30 minutes of me being up they will be fed wet food.  They all know it now.  They huddle in groups, joining forces (the only time they all get along), giving loud meows to let me know they are ready for breakfast.  When they see me put the food in my hand, then things get serious.  All of a sudden I can’t walk because there are cats guarding my every step.  They steer me in the direction of their bowls.  I’m like a cow they are herding.  

And when they finish their food they are happy.  Bofinkles is so happy she takes naps afterwards and smiles the entire time.  She is probably dreaming of eating more food.

Bofinkles sure is ticklish on her toes.  #babydoll #smile #cat #cats #catsofinstagram  #calico #love #calicocat

My happy Bofinkles. #cats #catsofinstagram #happy #smile #love #calico #baby

What food makes them extra happy? They go crazy for Fancy Feast® Broths.  As soon as they hear me open the packet it comes in it’s like a stampede of excited cats running to the other side of the room to get me.  Broths are a combination of delectable broth with real seafood and veggies.  Do you know what cats love alot? Broth.  And these broths are carefully crafted without by-products or fillers so it makes them and me happy!  Fancy Feast® Broths come in 8 varieties and feature either a Classic Silky or Creamy Broth.  Our cats love the Tuna and Vegetables in a Decadent Creamy Broth! 


Don’t you love this video? Totally hear you on the bed situation.  Ours would rather prefer a box!


Tell me – what is feeding time like in your house with your pets?  Let me know some fun stories in the comments!

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf Fancy Feast®.


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  • AW! Your kitties are so cute. I have four babes, all of which love food time, especially if it involves a can opening. Now, when I open ANY can, they come running, so when it’s tomato sauce, I have to calmly tell them that it’s not dinnertime. 🙂

    • Hahaha I totally know what you mean Daniele! Every time a can is opened Goblin is there meowing around my feet wondering why I’m not feeding him. I’m like Goblin, do you really want to eat some black beans? 😉

  • Am I the only one convinced that cats have the can opener sound build into their DNA?? Feeding time at my house is a Zoo-like event. The cats have access to their food and water 24/7 but when the dogs get fed you’ll find cats making a ninja like appearance, snagging dog food and making a mad run for it!

    • Hahaha I know the whole walk slowly while not tripping over cats who are leading you to the bowls routine. Love it! 😉

  • Funny Fotos 😉 I raised for kitties who lived to be 21 and 22 years. My furbabies, yes! All those years ago I used nothing but Purina Cat Chow. Modern day Pet foods have come a loooong way but some (not Fancy Feast) are problematic because they come from China (we never know) and have melamine, toxins and toxic matter along with ugly byproducts of dubious origins in them.

    I use Fancy Feast for my Sweet Pea (She is an 11 yr old English round head Siamese Lavender point Snow Shoe). She likes it but now needs something to help with JOINTS, just like kittens do. My friend in Georgia started a Pet Nutrition company with sourced and organic HUMAN GRADE ingredients (whole food) and since I started giving these supplemental foods and enzymes and JOINT stuff to her she is loving her Fancy Feast even more (I sprinkle it on).

    I am a NJ girl living in Austin and love your blog and miss Brooklyn too! Thanks for all your hints and tips, humor and insights. To express my appreciation I will give any of your Pet Lover Readers a free gift (you too!) of a 2014 ebook written on Pet Nutrition by a Pultizer Prize Nominee MD, Dr. Howard Peiper for the “clicking”

    Do your cats love tomatoes? 3 out of my 4 loved them (green goddess dressing too, lol)

  • I love kitty pictures! And actually have one of our cat on this week’s post. Even though we free feed out cat dry food, she much prefers the wet (what do they put in that stuff to get kitties to crave it so?). And starts telling us so, in no uncertain terms, for a full three hours before her feeding time! Fun post — thanks.

  • We recently adopted a HUGE (19-lb) cat, Deuce, who is on a strict wet-food diet, but he will eat anything any everything and appears to consider dry food as addictive as potato chips, so our poor resident cat, Bergdorf, who up until now has been free-fed dry food only, has had to go on a feeding schedule and he is NOT happy about it. We keep trying different locations in the house, but Deuce will find any remaining morsels ANYWHERE and also quickly figured out how to open the dry food container. He also will snag any of our 105-lb. dog’s dry food as well – even while she’s eating it! Feeding time is now equally entertaining and aggravating. We use the hashtag #deuceeatshisfeelings quite a bit and my husfriend is convinced he had some food-shortage issues when he was a street kitten.

    PS We feed Wellness grain-free and byproduct-free wet and dry food. Our fur kids are and will always be our only kids, so we figure if we’re going to eat organic & healthy, the kids should eat well too. 🙂

    PPS I am currently stuck living in Chicago, and miss Brooklyn dearly. So excited to have found your blog (roasting cherry tomatoes now for sauce, thanks to your recipe) and look forward to reading more!

    • Aww Bridgid your Deuce sounds like our Bofinkles. I call Bofinkles our human vacuum because she will eat anything. We allow the cats on the dining room table when we eat (I know, I know, but bad habits stick) and Bofinkles will literally steal a piece of ham and run. Last night I found her in our sink cleaning a plate with her tongue! When we feed the other cats treats I have to try to feed them individually because if not Bofinkles will steam roll them all! Glad to have you here, hope you enjoy the blog! PS. I’m going to check out your hashtag!

    • Haha Kelly, I know the feeling. When Essy was here she would pound on our door every morning demanding food. When I walked out the door she would run off and pretend that it wasn’t her. 😉

  • I’m marrying a… a… oh gosh, so hard to say… A DOG PERSON. He dislikes cats, a lot. I have one that I love to the ends of the earth, and I even love our dog too, and I’m hoping my little Finn will win him over someday. I wonder if he’d enjoy the broths!

  • Adorable!!! I sent the link to my bro, with a special note to look at the beautiful smiling Bofinkles cat napping. 🙂 No pets in my household at the moment, but I desperately want a kitten for cuddles. 🙂

  • Your kitty looks so much like my kitty! We only give her dry food and leave it out all day so we thankfully don’t deal with morning food meowing. Instead she meows at the door for attention. Oh kitties…can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!

  • We just recently tried the Fancy Feast Broths and our kitties love them! We only have 2 cats but they seem to be best friends at feeding time (which is about 4-5pm). The quiet one sends in the whiny one to meow at me until I get up and feed them. Then they loudly meow their displeasure for how long it’s taking me to get the food out. Even the quiet one who has a raspy voice can’t stop telling me to move faster. 🙂

    • Hahaha, that made me smile Dee. There always seems to be that one that motivates everyone to get moving with some meows.

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