Harvesting Onions and Radishes

*Does the happy harvest dance*
What, you don’t know what that looks like?  Good.  You don’t want to see it.  You will get too much second hand embarrassment.

 We have harvested our first onions and radishes of the season! And boy are they delicious!  This was our first time growing radishes, we grew the french breakfast variety.  Verdict?  I need to plant these again, asap, but about 10 times the amount because they’re so good! We’re talking, snack happy radishes.  They taste like a carrot, but with a bit of heat.  They’re fresh, they have the crunch.  They are perfect!

The great thing about radishes? They’re super quick to grow.  In just one month you will have radishes from seed to harvest.  Cool, right?

After about 2 weeks you will spot the bright pink…

Then before you know, they will be pushing through begging for you to pull out!

Can we talk about how beautiful these are?  Radishes are in the group of “perfect looking” vegetables.  Even covered in dirt they look fly.

Sometimes they don’t even make it down from the garden, I just nibble on them right there.

Sigh, they’re just perfect looking!

So for dinner one night, I picked a bunch of lettuce, kale, spinach, mixed greens…. hello beautiful greens!

Then threw in some tomatoes, black beans and avocado.  Put a little lime juice on top.  Cut up a radish.  It was perfect!  It was exactly what I needed after a few days of eating not so great out of town.

And because I’m radish crazy right now, I just planted a whole new box of them!  I can’t wait to see them…WP_20130527_042

Next up… the wonderful world of.. onions!
Disclaimer:  There is one thing I don’t eat in the garden, that is onions.  Since a child, I have been frightened of onions.  Very very frightened.  I’ve learned to love almost everything I’ve been scared of as a kid, but there are 2 things I can’t break: onions and mayo.    Matthew, my love, is a onion fan.  

Onions are pretty easy to grow, we start them from seed then I go through the process of separating them.  One onion grows per seed.  We grow onions year round, so there’s always some in beginning stages while others are finishing up.

It’s pretty easy to know when they’re ready to pick.  One day you will just have large green stems sticking out…
photo 3.JPG

Then you will look one day and spot big onion bulbs poking out.  Don’t be afraid to dig around the soil to see if you got any, and how big they are. 
photo 4.JPG

This one is ready to pick!  Just dig around, and pull it up!

Then you better cheer because you just grew a onion!

Let’s check this beautiful onion out.  These plants are huge.  Not only are the bulbs a good size but the green stem is huge.  It’s easily over 18 inches high.  Tip: You can chop the green stem up, use it just like scallions.  If my dad is reading this he’s probably swooning at the thoughts of growing scallions!

Look at the roots on this guy!

Is there anything more pretty than a dirty perfect onion sitting on your cutting board?  

Even as a non onion eater, I can appreciate the perfection of a onion.  I mean come on, this complex vegetable starts as one little seed. It always amazes me.  It will never stop.

Then peel, chop, use however you want.  I caught Matthew at the cutting board just chopping them guy up, throwing it straight into his mouth.  Then his eyes closed. He was in onion ecstasy.  Later that night we made homemade taco bowls, Matthew’s was packed full of onions!


So get out and plant some radishes and onions!
Are you growing any?


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  • I have radishes planted and they should be good to eat next week. They are just starting to pop up and saw today the squirrels have nibbled on a few. No onions this year but I have chives and scallions planted. I am looking forward to tasting the first harvest.

  • These are gorgeous! It always makes me happy when I see fresh produce like these. Well done my friend. Wish I was there to help in your harvest. ๐Ÿ™‚ danny

  • Your radishes and onions look so fresh and beautiful! I’m growing onions too but they are not ready yet and don’t look anywhere near as gorgeous as yours ๐Ÿ™‚ Yum, just want to sink my teeth into those radishes – they look so juicy and fresh! Great job Pamela!

    • Thanks Kelly! Can’t wait to see when you pick your onions, they will be beauties! I will eat a radish for you today! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Anne, they’re regular yellow onions, alot bigger than spring onions. Picking a normal onion early in the season will get you a Spring onion but we prefer letting them go to full maturity. My husband says they’re delicious! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I planted radishes right away but after a month they did not really grow into what they were supposed to. I had forgotten to thin them. So I tried again only to have a bunny eat most of them. I am trying for a 3rd time. I still have 2 left from the bunnies so maybe they will grow too. They are easy and it is nice to see them grow so quickly!!!

  • I have grown the same radishes as you did, just pulled them out of the ground this morning!

    I love growing & eating them too! Your onions rock too! Cool & tasty!

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