Happy Holidays! + Dancing Snowmen

Hi Friends,

I hope you all have a lovely holiday full of family, friends, cat whiskers, smiles, treats, hugs… and a good gift (or two) because I know you’ve been good this year.

Here’s a video Matthew and I made for the holidays, hopefully it will put you in a good holiday mood.

See you after Christmas!

Big hugs,



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  • Such a fabulously cute video, I love animations especially cute snowmen and christmasy characters. Hope you had a fabulous holidays and wishing you a healthy and happy 2014! What a pleasure to connect with you!

  • Reed + Rader FTW!!! Haha, love the video. Hope that you guys had a wonderful Christmas, looking forward to the start of 2014! Thanks for being a wonderful blogging friend whom I hope to meet one day! xx

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