Happy Halloween From Brooklyn!

The day has come.. time to play spooky tunes, eat candy until your belly hurts (I’ve already eaten 12 Kit  Kat bars) and wear your best costume!    Happy Halloween Friends!

Do you enjoy Halloween and dressing up? I love it.  This year sadly we’ve  been dealing with a tight deadline so I didn’t have time to make a costume or plan a Halloween bash.  So please make me happy and share with me in the comments about what you’re dressing up as!    

Here are my costumes for the last couple Halloweens…
My favorite Halloween costume I ever made was Hello Kitty.  This was a big hit, especially on the streets of NYC. Walking from my home to the subway ride to walking to parties I felt like a celebrity.  Everyone wanted to stop and take a picture with me or just give me a hug.  I smiled alot those days.

Matthew was a Whipped Cream can that year too.

Last Halloween I was a clown.. down to the big floppy shoes and handing out stickers to everyone that said “Clowns Are Cool”.

This is how clowns hail a subway train…

Clowns love cats.

That year I let Matthew wear my clown costume  one day. Wouldn’t this just make you smile if he rode by?

So yeah, I really love Halloween!   I should start planning for next year already! 

In tradition of Halloween, I wanted to share some festive houses decorated in Brooklyn for the holiday.   Growing up in a small town, holiday decorating is a big deal.   There’s no official standings but I think my house was  the best growing up.  My mom and dad went all out for Halloween and Christmas.     Some of my fondest childhood memories come from the holidays, so seeing a house decorated is one sure way to make me smile.    If you see a festive decorated house and you see the owner outside, be sure to say it looks great and thank them! Think of all the work they did to cause some walk/drive by happiness.    If fact if I was President I would make it a legal obligation to decorate your house. If you do not, I would round you up and bring you to a deserted location where you would be made to party, parade and dance the night away in costume!  It would be so much fun!   Basically I would kidnap you and force you to eat bite size Butterfingers while doing the Monster Mash.  You would end up loving Halloween! 

This is one of my favorite houses in Brooklyn and each holiday they decorate the yard to the max. I believe the Dentist office that resides in the bottom floor does this. I love it. I look forward to seeing their decorations every year.

I love a greatly decorated tree bed on the sidewalk.

I love sneaky decorations too. A house with nothing but a bloody  hand trying to escape.  
#Brooklyn #Halloween

A house with nothing but a freshly dug graveyard with a zombie ready to escape.

Spiderwebs are big in the neighborhood too.

Here’s a beautiful skeleton dressed up ready to dance the night away.

I absolutely love children’s crafts too. They might me my favorite.

This ghost monster guy dances all day long. I was able to catch him in a fabulous pose.

Stores most definitely get in the spirit!  This is one sure way to get me in and buy things!




Construction sites are no exception!

On my birthday we celebrated out of town and decided to bring a big Pumpkin back home.
Birthday pumpkin!

I’m hoping your Halloween is full of fun and good spirits, have a good one!



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