Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat!

Do you guys love Grumpy Cat as much as me? I mean how can’t you just see this face and smile?

grumpycat Grumpy Cat, aka Tardar Sauce, is a cute kitty girl who took the Internet’s heart when she was born with a permanent frown.   She is a elite Internet cat now, with tons of memes and followers, but can you blame her? She’s a real cutie.  

This month Grumpy Cat is having a birthday, she’s turning 2 years old!  And she’s here to make this the most grumpy birthday ever!

On April 29, Friskies®  Party Mix is hosting a very grumpy Grumpy Cat’s Birthday Party in New York City!   And you could win a trip to the “Super Terrible 2” birthday party if you upload a picture of your cat’s grumpiest frown.  So get making your cat grumpy, trust me, it isn’t very hard at all.

Friskies® and Grumpy Cat was nice enough to send me a party pack for me to get the party started with my own furry critters. Inside we received tons of goodies which had me trying to dress up our cats which resulted in pure grump mode. What turned their grumpy frowns upside down though? Friskies®  Party Mix treats!
 photo GrumpyCat_zpscaf7fc86.jpg

Have you ever shook a treats bag and all of a sudden there’s a earthquake of kitties running after you? It’s pretty much the best feeling in the world. If you have a Walmart near you, stop by and pick up your own party mix and get that bag shaking! Here kitty kitty….

Now let’s get this party started!  Grumpiness ahead…

Grumpy Cat Birthday_9
I am not pleased with this hat.

Grumpy Cat Birthday_7
Goblin turns into a grumpy bear.  That belly…. it’s magic.

Grumpy Cat Birthday_5
“Grumpy Cat, this is no fun”.  “I agree”. 

Grumpy Cat Birthday_6
This grumpy frown is delicious to eat though.

Grumpy Cat Birthday_4
Back to being grumpy at this party.

Grumpy Cat Birthday_3
Partying while napping.

Grumpy Cat Birthday_1
Bofinkles knows how to party happily.  Or totally not.

Grumpy Cat Birthday_11
This is as happy as Bofinkles looks.

Grumpy Cat Birthday_12
Xanadu telling the hat what she really thinks of it, grumpy mode.

Grumpy Cat Birthday_8
But wait guys.. the party’s beginning now.. I’m serious… TREATS!

Grumpy Cat Birthday_13
This was their favorite part of the party, of course.  

Grumpy Cat Birthday_2
Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat! 



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