Cute Halloween Treat Bag Ideas for Kids and Adults

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It’s almost Halloween – are you excited? I sure am.

My costume is ready, a giant pumpkin sits in our window lit up for Brooklyn, bite size chocolates sit on a table asking me to eat them and my Halloween treat bags are made for friends!  I know Halloween is usually set aside for kids, but as a Halloween loving adult, I know there are lots of us that still love Halloween even though we’re over the age of 15.   There’s something great about Halloween, maybe it’s the reason to be creative with costumes, maybe it’s spooky ghosts and pumpkins, maybe it’s decorating your house with orange, maybe it’s pumpkin baking season, maybe it’s the candy or maybe it’s just the memories of being a kid and going door to door to fill up your treat bag.

For Halloween this year I’ll be bringing treat bags to our studio space to give it to our friends there.  No matter the age, when someone gets a bag full of sweets and toys, it will make them smile.    While looking for treat bags, nothing really stuck out to me, so I decided I was going to make my own to stuff Skittles, Starburst, stickers and pencils in!

To make cute custom Halloween Treat bags, you’ll need a few supplies depending on what type of bags you want to make.  I like to make a assortment so I will use all the supplies.

Cardstock paper – in orange color, or festive Halloween prints.
Googly Eyes (I use these ones)
Black Paper Bags (I use these ones)
Silver or White Marker
Stamp of your choice + stamp pad
Glue Stick

Skittles (Skittles & Starburst 30 Pack from Sam’s Club)
Halloween Fortune Cookies
Halloween festive toys

Here’s a picture of the supplies we’ll be using.  For one of the bags we’ll be gluing shapes to it, so I suggest using a bright orange paper or if you can find a craft designer paper book with Halloween prints, grab it. I bought this 2 years ago and I still have a tons of cute sheets left. It’s also perfect for scrapbooking.  
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags

Bag 1:  Stamper with Halloween Spirit
For this one you’ll need your bag, a silver/white sharpie and your choice of stamp and stamp pad. For your stamp choose something fun, like cats, ghosts, pumpkins, bats, dinosaurs, etc.  
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_4

I took my silver marker and scribbled a spot on each bag slightly larger than the stamp is.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_5

Then I pushed the stamp into the stamp pad and made sure to really get that ink in there.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_6

Then I pressed it down right on top of the silver marker spot.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_7
(My nails are bad because they are supposed to be spooky for Halloween… yeah, that’s the reason! ;))

What I got was a cute little cat now stamped on the bag!
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_8

Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_9

Bag 2: Googly Eye Faces
There’s something about googly eyes that always makes me smile.  I always have a pack of these eyes around because they are fun for not only gift bags, but also greeting cards and magnets.    What you’ll want to do is stick 2 eyes on each bag and then draw a little face.  I like to make each face different so some of the mouths will have a tongue or some will have fangs.   You can glue the eyes down with a glue stick or I like to use eyes that have adhesive on the back so they just stick to it.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_10

Bag 3:  Eyes Everywhere!
I’ve got eyes for you and lots of them! For this bag we’re going with a monster vibe and sticking a bunch of eyes to the bag.  
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_12

I like to fill in some of the gaps with Halloween stickers, like glittery ghosts and bats.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_13

Bag 4:  Halloween Dots!
I love dots, it’s one of my favorite prints, so I wanted to create dot printed bags but stay in the Halloween color scheme of things.  For this you should use orange card stock or a Halloween printed paper. As I mentioned above there’s a variety of great Halloween printed paper out there, here’s 4 of 20 prints that I have in one of my books.

Even though I love all those prints above, I decided to stay with the orange and black theme and go with some black/white lined paper.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_18

Now there’s 2 ways to do this. The first is way by hand, simply trace something circular (like a quarter or small glass) and then cut them out with scissors.  I’m in love with my Sizzix Big Shot Die-Cut machine that allows me to easily make shapes (you can also emboss!) so I use this to quickly cut out circles.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_19

All I do is grab my shapes die-cut, put a piece of paper in between the cut and glass and turn the crank.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_20

And within 1 or 2 minutes you have a bunch of circles waiting for you!
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_21

Then I’ll grab my glue stick and start putting a dot of glue on the back of each one.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_22

Then just push them onto the bag arranging your polka dot bag!
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_23

Wasn’t that easy, now we have 4 types of bags to give out!
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_24

So the big question.. what’s going in your bag?

First – there has to be candy!
Skittles and Starburst are a must.  Each bag gets a whole bag of Skittles and then I put about 6-8 pieces of Starbrusts into each bag.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_1

I also always put a bag of Sour Skittles to the side because they are my favorite. 😉
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_3

Be creative and fun with what else you put in them. I like to include stickers, pencils, more candy and  Halloween fortune cookies. I found these recently in Chinatown and they are worth a laugh! Instead of the usual fortunes in them them, these are a bit darker. Fortunes read like “A crazy bat will get stuck in your hair” or “You may be stuck in your costume… forever!”.  Fun, right?
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_25

Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_2

And then I begin filling each bag.   I like to do them at all at once,  so first I’ll give everyone a bag of skittles, then everyone a pencil, etc.  That  makes it easier to make sure everyone gets all your treats.
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_26

Want to go that extra step and be extra friendly?  Customize each bag with your friends name on it. For this, I just use white chalk.  If you want to throw something special into someone’s bag, this is a great way to go about it so you won’t forget and accidentally give someone else their special gift!
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_28 

And just like that you’re ready to go into work or school and become the best Halloween witch fairy!
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_29

Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_30

  Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_31 

Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_27

I also want to thank Goblin, my official helper in all things crafts.   What a perfect name for this boy during Halloween!
Fun Ideas for Hallowen Treat Bags_11

Have fun and stay spooky!

I bought my Skittles & Starbursts 30 Pack from Sam’s Club.  It’s the perfect variety pack for treat bags!


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