Hallmark Funniest Pet Cards That Will Make You Laugh

Hallmark Pet Cards

To anyone who saw me in Walmart laughing hysterically please don’t be alarmed, I was in the greeting card section and I was losing it over some cards.  Not just any cards, but specifically Hallmark Funniest Pets Cards.  Oh goodness, I laughed so much.  I giggled, I smiled and I pointed to cards as people walked by.    No, I wasn’t crazy, these cards were just too cute!    When I went to check out at the cash register, the woman said “You sure love pets, don’t you?” when she saw my stack of cards.  “Oh yes” I responded.   Then because she couldn’t resist, herself being a pet lover too, she opened every single card, looked at the picture and read inside.  And then continued to laugh wildly too.  Which then caused me to laugh more.  We’re now best friends.

 Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_12
I was able to stop laughing for this picture, there’s happy tears in my eyes though.  Check out those great gift bags down below too! 

Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_9
Then I rounded the corner and saw a second display!  More #FunnyPetCards!

Let’s check out some of the cards I got.  Come laugh with me.  
Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_6

Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_11

There is something about dogs sitting up that always makes me laugh hysterically.  Especially dogs that look like they are driving cars, I lose it at the first sight of that.  This dog brings me such happiness.
Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_10

As soon as I saw this card I knew I had to have it.
Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_4

Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_5

And this card here… I often have this conversation with friends who’s pet follows them into the bathroom and waits for them after showering.  My FiFi Bofinkles waits for me every single night when I’m in the shower.  When I step out this is always what I see.  “Hey Mom”.

My worry is that she is thinking this!
Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_2

Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_3

And don’t you love Orson who will put up with anything?  Putting things on pets is always a fun activity.  Hallmark Funny Pet Cards

On the back of each card there is a little blurb about the pet from the owner.    As you can see here Orson is a very patient pup!Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_1

Make sure you check out the Hallmark Card Rewards program which earns you a reward for every 5 cards you buy. I already earned a reward! I just came home, went to the Rewards Program site, entered the UPC code on the back and boom – rewards earned, it was that easy!  Thanks to #collectivebias for helping me earn my first reward already!

Make sure you check out connectionsfromhallmark.com to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see other blogger content. Join in the #FunnyPetCards conversation on Twitter!  

I’m wishing you all a great weekend and hope you spend it however your heart desires!
Hallmark Funny Pet Cards_7


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