Grazing for Snacks

When do you snack the worst?

For me it’s late afternoon or right before bed.  I’ve been known to bring a (big) handful of sour worms to bed with me.  But surprisingly, a handful of neon sour worms coated in sugar isn’t always the best choice (shocking, I know!).

I’ve been introduced to Graze and I’m hooked so I had to share them with you! is a subscription snack box service founded 5 years ago by 7 friends in the UK who got sick of the same old snacks and wanted a better way to snack. Launched in the USA in January and already has over 200K American subscribers, called “grazers.”  I’ m a grazer!

This is my current box I picked, don’t you just want to eat them all?  The brownie flapjacks are bonkers good too.  BONKERS!  And dates and nuts are always best with pieces of chocolate fudge, aren’t they? 

Here’s some special key notes to tell you about Graze:

You can get a weekly or bi-monthly delivery.

Each box contains 4 perfectly portioned snacks that you get to pick per your preference.

Their in-house nutritionist, Jess, makes sure every snack has a benefit to  their Grazers whether it be an ample source of protein/fiber or essential vitamins and nutrients.

Graze has a selection of over 90 unique snacks so there’s always something new and yummy to try!

You rate snacks based on personal preference so if you really love a snack rate it high and if you don’t love it so much rate it  low so you never see it again!

If you have a dietary or allergy restriction you can list it to make sure your snacks are all safe!

Their boxes are small which is both environmentally friendly and easier to receive as it can fit in your mailbox (work or home!)! That means you don’t have to sign for the package!

Get ready for how cute the box is too….think it’s just a brown box?

No, take a snack out and there’s grass! Ready to graze?




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