Get Ready for Goblin’s Furry Legs (VIDEO!)

In this post you’re going to see some furry legs.  I’m talking really furry. I’m talking Chewbacca style.  Whose legs? Goblin’s legs! If you can’t handle the cuteness overload, head to another post now (but I hope you don’t).  For everyone ready to gush, here it comes.

I hope this picture made your day because whenever I’m feeling down I look at this picture and laugh hysterically.  Look at his legs!  Look at how small his upper body is!  Look at his Cat’s Pride lab coat!  “Paging Doctor Goblin, please come here to your mama.” Doesn’t he look like he might be Chewbacca’s son?
Woah, breaking news!
I can go on for days about Chewbacca’s and Goblin’s likenesses but I’ll stop (sorta). Why’s Goblin dressed up like a doctor?  Because he was in charge of testing out Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® Ultimate Care™.  And because Goblin is very professional, he wore this coat.  

So head to the cat aisle of your local pet store and look for the magenta and teal labels for the Ultimate litter experience. Give it a try for 10 days! Now, let’s get back to looking at Goblin’s full body shots as a litter testing doctor. Goblin really liked the coat and just ended up laying down and enjoying head rubs with it on.

Goblin sits like a human very often, it’s pretty comical.  I have  quite a number of lazy sitting pictures of Goblin.  Does it get any cuter?

of you!

Now back to normally scheduled events… sleep time!


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