Fujifilm Wonder Photo Stop NYC

You usually don’t hear from me during the weekend as I spend these days running around happily in the garden but I wanted to introduce you to my new favorite photo craft store in NYC.  If you live nearby or will be visiting NYC, you must stop by! You’ll probably see me there because I’m officially making all my holiday gifts here – better start now!

Isn’t the shop beautiful? Can I move into this photo craft heaven? Fuji Store NYC (7)

Fuji Store NYC (9)

The new (and first in North America) Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop will open in the Flatiron district this weekend on July 22.  At the store you can print directly from your phone to make fun photo collages, buy Fujifilm instax® supplies and participate in interactive DIY workshops. Fuji Store NYC (3)

I’m a Fujifilm instax® fan – we have hundreds of photos over the past few years taken with the instax®!   As some of you guys know I’m a film director when I’m not gardening or cooking and we use the camera on set all the time to take fun behind the scenes photos.  We have a specific project where we use the instax® camera to take pictures of everyone we work with a stuffed animal named Mister Wubba.  Wubba has flown all over the world meeting new friends alongside our instax® camera so I can’t wait to head to the store and work on a personal project for him!

Mister Wubba and some new friends on a recent shoot..!


Fuji Store NYC (4)

If you’re able to attend opening weekend (July 22-24) make sure to enter your name and email address into the iPad when entering the store.  After entering your info you will automatically see a  “winner” or “not a winner” message on the screen letting you know if you won or not. The platform will auto-populate one winner every hour during opening weekend.

While visiting the Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop be sure to look around at all the cool craft examples to get inspired! 

You can make mugs, pillows, puzzles and lots of photo collages with pretty frames for the entire family! love_you_a_latte_2


Tell me if you ever make photo products in the comments – I want to hear all about them!  


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  • I’m visiting NYC later this year and I would love to visit the shop. Do you know if its a pop up shop or will still be open?

    • I’m pretty sure it’s a official store. I hope you get to visit Sandra! Make sure to make your own project when visiting to!

  • OMG, that is totally rad. I love it so much. Especially digging that photo chandelier, what a wonderful idea. Thanks for taking me into what sounds like one of the most cool places. If I am in NYC, I’ll be sure to visit. 🙂

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