What I LOVE for Holiday Gifts: Metallics, Robots and Donuts

In the What I LOVE series, I’m sharing current things that I love.  Maybe it’s cats, maybe it’s a new restaurant, maybe it’s a new cookie, maybe it’s… anything!

So it’s finally the rush to the Holidays.  Have you begun shopping yet? I haven’t, but I will begin soon.  I’m not a Black Friday shopper because usually I’m too impatient and too picky. What I love is finding that special gift for a friend or loved one that fits them perfectly.  You know that friend who is obsessed with donuts (that’s me!) then why not get her a donut clutch handbag so she can never be too far from her beloved sweets?

When I was flipping through the pages of Marie Claire I started to get some ideas for my fashion forward and sweet tooth friends.  I love browsing magazines for ideas but I usually don’t love those price tags that come with it.  You know it’s not going to be good when the price says “Price upon request”.  So below are some of my favorite trends without those giant price tags.

Reach for the stars with these cutting-edge items with a futuristic bent.
I am so in love with that dress along with the clear bag that I’m seeing hearts in my own eyes.  Maybe Matthew is reading this…. Hello lovely!  Oh and that Robot bag, I can’t stand how cute it is.

White Dress /  White Bag / Clear Bag /Robot Purse / Sunglasses

Have a secret sweet tooth friend? Well get her into these items so she can show the world she loves Sprinkles.  I am so into the Besties dessert sweaters… I need one for me and one for FiFi Bofinkles.

Dessert Besties / Ice Cream Jacket / Donut Purse / Sprinkles Watch / Cupcake Socks

Have you bought your Star Wars tickets yet? I hope so! With these items you’re getting a taste of space age toys and heavy metal staples that make you feel like you’re in a Universe far far away.  My favorite is those robot cookie cutters, imagine how cool these would look with metallic sparkle frosting?

Robot Cookie Cutters / Darth Vader Ring / Metallic Shoes / Robot Bookbag / Ghost Chair

If you’re looking for more ideas or to dive deeper into the themes above then check out Marie Claire’s December issue that always dazzles and inspires with editorial content and how to’s.  I love using it as a seasonal guide to give me the latest trends while still putting my own personal style on them. I forgot I had that great metallic bucket bag in the closet but this issue reminded me to dust it off and get it back on the streets.   Keep up to date and get a subscription (for your best friend too!).




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