First Watermelon Harvest of the Season

This year has been our greatest success in watermelon growing.  We planted 4 plants and each of them produced at least 4 watermelons!  To be exact there’s over 20 watermelon in the garden so some of the plants made even more!

Our watermelon facts:
Seeds were planted inside April 22 and then transplanted to their containers outside on May 20.
These watermelon we plant are called Little Baby Flowers and they grow to be about 4 pounds a piece.  
These specific variety are very sweet inside with a high sugar count.  Perfect for any kind of eating!
This variety is very low on seed count inside which is another perk for snacking.
Keep your watermelons watered, especially in containers.  They are called WATERmelon for a reason. 
Watermelon are made through pollination.  We assist ours in hand pollination which is basically just rubbing the male all over the female flowers (real romantic, I know).

How do you know when your watermelon are ready to pick?
-Flick the watermelon with your fingers, listen for a dull thump.  This is a art to listening for this sound, but if you can figure out what a mature watermelon sounds like, you’ll always know when to pick.  
-Look at the tendril that grows closest to the melon on the vine.  If it’s green, the watermelon probably has some time.  If it’s brown or dry, it’s time to pick. 
-Always read your seed packet, they are pretty accurate for  maturity dates.
-Look at where the melon rested on the ground. If it has a yellow color spot, then your watermelon is most likely ripe and ready to pick. 

Always cut your watermelon off the plant, don’t rip it off with your hands which can damage the watermelon and the plant that way.

 So without further due.. let’s look at our watermelons!

The first watermelon was picked, it was a joyous day.  I was like a proud mama holding my baby watermelon.

I remember it just was just the other day ago that me and your dad were outside in the rain building your containers in the rain.  You were transplanted and scared of a little drizzle but you made it through.

And then last month I started to spot you and your brothers and sisters.  You start out so tiny…

And then you grew into a adult watermelon!

There are a few watermelon at first…

And then suddenly the watermelon plants explode and make themselves comfortable on the roof.  There are watermelons everywhere we looked!

So I have to tell you how excited I was to eat you, baby watermelon.  I mean that in the nicest way, and I know you know what I mean.  This is all about love watermelon.
I sliced you down the middle.  
Watermelon HarvestIMG_3533

Both halves sat in front of me, I could smell the sweetness.
Watermelon HarvestIMG_3534

Then I continued to chop you into slices..
Watermelon HarvestIMG_3535

And I just couldn’t get over how perfect you were!Watermelon HarvestIMG_3537

I needed a snack right away so I went even further and cut you into bite size pieces.  Watermelon HarvestIMG_3543

And the first watermelon of the year was enjoyed…Watermelon HarvestIMG_3546

As always, you’re the tastiest sweetest juiciest watermelon I ever had.   In fact after I finish this post I’m going to eat more of you!Watermelon HarvestIMG_3551


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