Fashion: What I Wore This Week

I’m going to jump on this band wagon because who doesn’t want to see cat printed clothes? I mean, really?
So many of my favorite girl bloggers show their monthly Stitch Fix options, but I don’t do Stitch Fix because I’ve never seen anything dinosaur or cat printed that they send out.  Tragic.  So in this new feature, I will be posting what I wore in the last week.  I’m going to try to do this every 2-3 weeks or so, hope you like it!

Sunday was like a Spring day, it was beautiful and full of sunshine.  I had short sleeves and just a light Spring jacket on! I loved it!
Wore Week of Feb 23 2014

I had a afternoon lunch date.
Wore Week of Feb 23 2014_2

Detail Shots.  I’m big on cute socks under skirts.  When you walk, you can catch a glimpse of them.   Also I’m obsessed with Peter Pan Collars.
Wore Week of Feb 23 2014_1Wore Week of Feb 23 2014_7

Here’s my winter coat with the look. It turned from a previous Spring day to extremely cold!
Wore Week of Feb 23 2014_8

During the day, a bit sleepy.
Wore Week of Feb 23 2014_3
And then I wanted something to quickly transition into “Night” as we saw Rocky on Broadway in the evening! It was amazing.
Wore Week of Feb 23 2014_4

I have black shorts on, you just can’t really tell.
Wore Week of Feb 23 2014_5

A closeup on this beauty because it’s unreal.  A friend found for this me in Chicago (I believe).  It’s one of my favorite cat attire treasures.  Look at the buttons!  It also has some sparkles on it!
Wore Week of Feb 23 2014_6

Thursday.  We went to Medieval Times (I’m doing a whole post on that because it was so much fun) so I thought galactic tights would be the way to go? I’m also obsessed with all space printed clothing.    This is one of my favorite shirts as I love the cut.  I got it from a girl on Etsy who sadly closed her shop.  🙁 
Wore Week of Feb 23 2014_9

Hope you liked this new feature!


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