Enceladus’s First Big Road Trip to Maine!

We took our 2 month old baby on a 11 hour road trip and survived! Here’s everything we brought with us and other tips to make it a success! This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY.

Next week Enceladus will turn 3 months old and she’s already a road trip expert!  We took a road trip to North Carolina when I was 35 weeks pregnant so it’s no surprise she’s comfortable with long drives already!  A few weeks ago we headed to Maine for a friend’s wedding and I fell in love… with Maine!  It was my first time visiting and it is BEAUTIFUL!  I’m not sure if we visited during peak season, but I couldn’t get over how beautiful the coast was.  I’m already considering that this might need be our yearly vacation spot! 

Seriously, isn’t it beautiful?  I feel like every spot we went to had postcard worthy views!

The drive up to Maine from NYC was about 11 hours (it was 12 hours back!), with multiple stops for eating and changing.  There was a lot of changing.  Who knew babies needed to use the bathroom so much?   Don’t you love when you change her, roll out of the rest stop and then the baby immediately pees? Turn around Matthew, Enceladus needs to get changed again!  Even with all the stops she was pretty much a road trip warrior in her car seat. 

Btw, I’m so happy we got the Diono Radian RXT car seat.  It’s a 3 in 1 which means we’ll never need to upgrade to another model.   Doesn’t she look extra comfortable while she snores and blows bubbles (her new favorite hobby!)?

Btw if you notice the fur in the bottom right of that photo, it’s not a cat! I wish! That’s her favorite stuffed animal, Sloth.  Sloth went on the road trip, as well as Mr. Bunny.

Butter also went on the trip because they are BFF. Butter goes EVERYWHERE! Butter is a firefly, who we thought was a butterfly, hence the name “Butter”.   It’s ok, Butter is totally cool with his name!

At the first rest stop in Maine Enceladus met a moose and a bear for the first time! Doesn’t she look thrilled?

Once we arrived in Bar Harbor, Maine we stayed with a bunch of friends in a beautiful house.  I was a little nervous about her first night away from home, and more specifically how she was going to do without her bassinet, but she didn’t have any problem at all!  She slept in her Rock and Play, swaddled in a Nuroo swaddler (love these “cheat’ swaddles!), we played white noise and she was sleeping by her 10PM bedtime.  Yawn!

And if you can’t tell by how happy she looks when she wakes up in the morning, she had a good sleep every single night!

We had a little time to explore Maine and I’m so happy we did! We hiked a little in Acadia National Park which is a 47,000 acre mostly found on Maine’s Mount Desert Island.  It was Enceladus’s first National Park she’s visited!   Our Lillebaby baby carrier really came in handy with all the walking and sight seeing we did!

Now to the reason why we came to Maine… our friends were getting married! I was the most nervous about their wedding ceremony because it’s not the best time for a baby to cry!   A baby filled with colic and wedding vows declaring eternal love had me worried! We discussed this ahead of time and knew we would stay at the back of the barn (the ceremony was in a barn, it was beautiful!) so Matthew could have a quick getaway if needed.  It was funny because there were 2 other kids there and all of us were at the back, ready to whisk our crying little ones away.  Want to know a shocker? She didn’t cry once during the ceremony.  Not one peep.  The other 2 kids had to leave, but not Enceladus.  Instead of crying, she was snoring!  After the ceremony we out a sigh of relief!

And no trip post would be complete without food! There was a lot of great food in Maine, but here are my highlights.

Maine is known for their blueberries and they didn’t let me down.  I had way too much blueberry pie.  Want to know a secret? We brought a entire blueberry pie back to NYC and I ate it all.  I ATE THE ENTIRE PIE!

We had breakfast at a cute little cafe and their strawberry butter was life changing. I really wish they sold this as I would have bought so much back! New life goal: Make strawberry butter!

I know there’s a cute little baby in this photo, but look to the right and you’ll see one of the best bluebrry donuts I ever had in my life.  This was sugar overload but it was worth every bite.

Overall, the trip was a success and lots of fun.  It will make me breathe a little easier on future trips knowing how well she handled it!  I hope you enjoyed Encealdus’s first big road trip to Maine!  Have a great weekend!


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  • I’m so glad you got to visit Maine. It’s one of my favorite places on Earth. Next time you go to a national park get yourself a passport book and start collecting the stamps. It’ll be a fun keepsake for your family. (The Statue of Liberty has her own stamp.)

    If you get back to Maine be sure to check out all the delicious food in Portland (Duck Fat, The Grille Room, The Holy Donut, Bull Feeney’s, and the Dogfish brewery). We’ve stayed in Portland for an adults only weekend and then rented a house in Harpswell (about 45 minutes north of Portland) and traveled the coast with our kids. There’s so much to do, it never gets old.

  • My children, who used to complain that Maine is SO boring, while growing up. They live out of state, since jobs are hard to come by here, but they finally appreciate the beauty and lovely pace of life that is Maine. You went to a beautiful part of the state, glad you had such a fun visit.

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